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DJ Gear - Mixed In Key Launches New Flow DJ Software for Mac & PC - Free Demo

DJ Gear - Mixed In Key Launches New Flow DJ Software for Mac & PC - Free Demo

For those of you that have been in the digital DJ game for a while you are probably familiar with Mixed In Key and their various products to help you with your DJing, sound quality and track creation.

Now Mixed In Key has finally entered the DJ Pro Software space with their new product Flow. The program is based around the essentials without any of the other bells and whistles most DJs don’t really ever use. Two decks, a mixer and eq’s are what you get and for many that’s all you really need.

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Not only does this software work extremely well, but it works in tandem with all the other MIK programs and the actual Mixed In Key algorithm is built right in to the tracks preparations portion so the key and BPM are listed for you.

The pro/amateur/enthusiast market was missing a product like this, it’s just exactly what you want for making a mixtape at home or if you set it up with a midi controller it would be great for gigging as well.

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Flow has a clean interface and is divided into three parts: Preparation, Play and Export. Having three separate screens provides a natural workflow for DJing. You can preview your music, create playlists and prepare your set in the Preparation view. It's like iTunes for DJs. The "Play" screen is focused on playing on stage, with minimum distraction. The Export screen allows you to re-visit every DJ set you've played using Flow.

We have another strong feature that's unique to our software. Flow allows you to cross-fade and mix inside the same Deck. You can literally re-arrange the song while it's playing live, and the audience won't notice the transition. One of our favorite quotes from the beta was: "This is like playing with LEGOs."

Flow DJ Software is now available for $58, and works on both Windows and Mac OS X. It supports all MIDI controllers, but you can also use it with just your mouse or touchpad.

There is a free demo available for a limited time only

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