EDM Culture: 10 DJ Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

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EDM Culture: 10 DJ Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

We understand that life can get repetitive, but that doesn't your music should. It's easy to fall into the "EDM Lunchtime Radio Culture..." but please- for the sake of decent mixing, turn off your pop radio powerhour jams and turn on the good stuff. Entertain your mind with some of EDM's most respected masterminds in their very own radio podcast.

Radio shows in EDM Culture are not a recent phenomenon, they've been around for years. Most of them act as a funnel for new, upcoming music for established DJ's to test on listeners. They also invite fresh talent to submit original tracks and remixes that might not have found their way otherwise. DJ Podcasts such as Above & Beyond's 'Group Therapy,' Armin Van Buuren's 'A State of Trance,' Ferry Corsten's 'Corsten's Countdown, and Tiesto's 'Tiesto's Club Life' have paved the way for today's EDM Radio shows. They are established, and therefore will be absent from this list. (We already know they rock. So let's move on, shall we?)

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A good radio show plays good music. A great radio show plays good music and provides listeners with solid entertainment. A brilliant radio show not only provides musical entertainment, it should be full of diversity, ranging full-spectrum from genre to genre, provide updates on what's new in the scene, and give less-established names a chance to shine. Here are our Top 10 DJ-Podcasts that do just that:

01. Behind The Iron Curtain - Umek

Umek on Facebook | Twitter

02. Tritonia - Tritonal

Tritonal on Facebook | Twitter

03. In The Air - Morgan Page

Morgan Page on Facebook | Twitter

04. Keeping The Rave Alive - Kutski

Kutski on Facebook | Twitter

05. SuperTab Radio - Super8 & Tab

Super8 + Tab on Facebook | Twitter

06. Fool's Gold Radio - A-Trak & Nick Catchdubs

A-Trak on Facebook | Twitter

07. Hysteria - Bingo Players

Bingo Players on Facebook | Twitter

08. FEROSH - Tracy Young

FEROSH "God Made Me Funky" Podcast by Tracy Young on Mixcloud

Tracy Young on Facebook | Twitter

09. CODE Radio - Max Vangeli

Max Vangeli on Facebook | Twitter

10. SupersoniQ - Quintino

Quintino on Facebook | Twitter

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