EDM Culture: 7 Electronic Body Music (EBM) Artists You Need To Know

EDM Culture: 7 Electronic Body Music (EBM) Artists You Need To Know

Synth-driven, post-punk, industrial analogue sounds comprise the brainchild of electronic music umbrella better known as EBM (Electronic Body Music). A European novelty, particularly popular in Belgium in the 80s, it is the rebelling hipster nemesis of EDM. It is a breed of inventive, pulsating progressions curated by popular names like The Cure, Kraftwerk, KMFDM and more.


There is an abundance of multi-genre talent from all over the world whose productions encompass strong elements of EBM. Magnetic takes a closer look at some burgeoning and existing EBM artists that we think you should know about.


Belgium’s latest prodigal talent has been making big moves this year. With releases on imminent labels like Crème Organization, Wicked Bass, High Sheen Records, and his own Roze Balleten, he has also been nominated for ‘Best Breakthrough artist’ and ‘Best Track’ at the Redbull Elektropedia Awards. His productions style infuses acid bass lines, dubbed grooves and analogue synths. Check out his latest release below and vote for him here

2. Mumbai Science:

Probably the most recognizable name emerging from Belgium. The internationally renowned duo and artists of the esteemed imprint Lektroluv are known for their electro tempos blended with mixed polyrhythms of acid and hard-hitting techno. Their remix of Kavinsky’s will send chills down your spine.

3. Neil Landstrumm

Scottish based producer has been in the game since ’95 creating his signature wonky techno sound. ‘Dragon Under’ is the 10th album release from the producer on his own imprint, Sneaker Social Club. Listen to it here

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4. Ralph Myerz

Gold-status Norwegian producer, Ralph Myerz latest release on upcoming imprint, ‘Disco Pinata’ steers towards a more club-driven, dance-floor ready EBM sound. Featured collaborations include Snoop Dogg, George Clinton and many more.

5. Legowelt

Danny Wolfers is the famed Dutch EBM artist, Legowelt. He derives influences from Chicago house, industrial ghetto beats and dark European terror sounds. His latest album, 'Crystal Cult' released on Creme Organization, is representative of this mystifying sound. Listen to it below

6. Bobmo

Paris based producer, Hugues Rey’s track, ‘Hot Spot’ is a fiery jam with mid-tempo stomping analogue synths, sharp, busy acid melodies and trippy bass lines. This one even garnered the support of his compatriot Gesaffelstein on his most recent I Love Techno compilation. Listen to it below

7. Devil Disco

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY Chris Bolarinho combines futuristic cosmic disco with aggressive techno and acid grooves in his latest EP, ‘America’.


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