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EDM Culture: 8 Of Our Favorite Things At Hard "Day Of The Dead"

Hard Day of the Dead

Hey everyone, I sincerely hope your weekends were as top-notch as mine. If you were in attendance for Hard Day of the Dead in downtown L.A. this past Saturday and Sunday, then I know for sure that you did well. This weekend marked only the second annual Hard Day of the Dead music festival, and by the way things went, I’m quite sure it’ll be happening for a good chunk of time to come.

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Now, whether you were with us all this past weekend or were joining through social media portals, here is the list of my 8 favorite things about the 2013 Hard Day of the Dead festival:

1.  The Lineup

Right up there with bottomless margaritas, make-up sex and dark chocolate, this year’s lineup was really, really good, hitting all parts of the EDM culture spectrum. When you’ve got names like GTA, Pretty Lights, Maya Jane Coles, Nero, Skrillex,  Masters At Work, Skream, Eric Prydz, Giorgio Moroder, Calvin Harris, etc. I’m not entirely sure how you pass that up. We had more options to choose from than a Souplantation and I liked it, I liked it a lot.

Neon Sharpie Tent

2.   The Little Extras

You know, like the Neon Sharpie tent, the Kandi-making station, and all the little rides and decorations in-between. They say it’s the small things in life that count, well I also believe that the small things at shows are just as important, if not more so. You’ve already got the music and epic choice of stages and artists, the little extras inbetween make the experience take that extra step past oh hell yeah.


3.   The Visuals

Boys Noize, Pretty Lights, Eric Prydz, Skrillex…need I say more? In a world where visuals are a constant along with the music, we get pretty used to having them around, but Jesus if there weren’t some truly epic visuals on both Saturday and Sunday, as well as the stage set-ups; I was in love with whole haunted porch situation that the main stage was sporting for a few of the artists, as well as Skrillex’s Jack-O-Lantern and Boys Noize’s skull. All were amazing.

4.   The Costumes

I don’t really care how old you are, the people who find it “lame” or “boring” or “just don’t want” to dress up have always pissed me off; it’s a holiday, get over it, put a freakin’ mask on and stop crying. So the fact that so many people, pretty much everyone who was in attendance dressed up in some way or form really just delighted me. There were some pretty creative ideas out there, too, and the dedication; I spied much more than one individual that was decked out from head to toe. Well done you, cheers to the spirit.

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5.   That Extra Lane

I have no recollection of if this was present for Hard Summer or any of last year’s Hard festivities, but that extra lane at stage right of the Hard stage? Bless that lane. Seriously, that lane was my savior all damn weekend. Again, that may have existed before this time, but I certainly wasn’t aware of it, and whether it was new or not, either way it was love at first sight for me when my eyes beheld it. Never did getting in and out of that jam-packed area feel so easy. Of course it wasn’t smooth all the time, but damn it if it didn’t make things move along that much quicker. I only had one problem with it: the security operating the comings and goings of it. While I’m quite aware of the fact that I don’t work with Hard, nor am I a crowd control officienado, I would think that when the inner crowd is tearing at the seams with people, one would allow them to utilize that extra lane to exit, not to be told to rejoin the mass of people trying to get out…if you even still can. Again, just my thoughts.


6.   Giorgio Moroder’s Set

The fact that he was present to begin with was amazing, and despite some technical difficulties at the beginning, Moroder had the good people of Hard Day of the Dead rocking out to a truly tremendous set.


7.   Skrillex’s Set

I, being a die-hard Skrillex fan was particularly excited for Skrillex’s set on Saturday night; after all the shows he’s been doing with Boys Noize as Dog Blood and now with Diplo as Jack U, it was a nice little slice of double-chocolate cake to know that I would get a full hour and a half of just Sonny to end the night with. It was loud, hard and magical.

8. That Sunset

There’s really nothing like a sunset at a big show, because not only do you get to watch it happen as your favorite sounds are being blasted into the atmosphere, but its also the symbol of more to come, only now its dark and the real debauchery can begin. This time around for Hard DOD we had the excellent luck of having two beautiful days and two equally beautiful sunsets. Cheers to the awesome coming together of nature and music.

Hard sunset

Good times guys, please feel free to add your favorite moments to our list, and check out the rest of the photos on our facebook page here.

All Photos Credit: Imagination Visions


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