EDM Culture: Megan Sutherland's LA Event Picks with Trinidad Senolia, Till Von Sein, Three, Lovefingers & More


By: Megan Sutherland

EDM Culture: Megan Sutherland's LA Event Picks with Trinidad Senolia, Till Von Sein, Three, Lovefingers & More

Blame it on the fact Mercury is still in retrograde, your scorpio homies are having that b-day thing you have to attend, or you straight up "just wanna dance!"

Whatever your reason may be, you are looking to hear some tunes on the town in the next few nights. Well, I scanned the interweb, social media and such...

MAGNETIC RECOMMENDS:Carl Craig At Los Globos 11/13

Here's my musical selection. Hope it guides a fellow peer with an appetite for good records to some sweet sounds.

Safe travels!



EDM Culture: Megan Sutherland's LA Event Picks with Trinidad Senolia, Till Von Sein, Three, Lovefingers & More

La Cita is an institution amongst angelenos. With cheap beers, pool tables, neon lights, an outdoor patio and parties like SWEAT. It's no wonder you'd be loco not to visit this trippy DTLA watering hole.

Take a SWEAT break on hump day to hold you over till the weekend! The residents NEWBODY, Weused2dance, with special guests Trinidad-Senolia providing House Music HEATERS to help release the PRESSURE! Lovely hosts Eleanor Wells and Zulu Nasty will be setting the dancefloor on FIRE with a sickening visual backdrop by Enrique V Martinez.


Trinidad - Senolia (KCRW) / Yoruba Records)

Trinidad-Senolia is a creative collaboration between Garth Trinidad and Mateo Senolia.



LA-based producer, DJ and percussionist. Yoruba Records recording artist/producer. Multi-discipline artist, Mateo Senolia, is the pseudonym for novelist/writer/producer, Marcus J. Guillory.


Garth Trinidad is a modern day griot - a DJ, artist, culture critic who employs various platforms to frame a stylish narrative that celebrates creative independence.

Through radio, event production, music supervision, and journalism, he has introduced the world to such artists as Little Dragon and Janelle Monae, interviewed the likes of Quincy Jones and Yoko Ono, and is credited in part with shaping LA's modern music landscape.

Trinidad has been on KCRW's airwaves since 1996, playing an award-winning international mix of music. He lists Toyota, Nike, Apple, and HBO as clients in his work outside the station as a music supervisor and consultant.

He has been featured in Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone, as well an interviews on ABC-7 and KTLA-5, among others.

An alumni of Otis College of Art & Design, he moonlights as an illustrator and fine artist.

WeUsed2Dance (Sweat)

Newbody (Sweat / Body High)


Zulu Nasty

Eleanor Wells


Enrique Martinez (Velcro / Dj Chariot)

House Music & Garage All Night!! !! !!

Free B4 10:30



Catch The Vibe...




EDM Culture: Megan Sutherland's LA Event Picks with Trinidad Senolia, Till Von Sein, Three, Lovefingers & More

Ello friends and lovers. We all share a common love, and that is music. Let's celebrate this connection on a dance floor, shall we?

Music is 4 Lovers is pleased to announce their Los Angeles debut featuring the talent of Till Von Sein. With an obsession with the Suol label for sometime now, they couldn't be more excited to bring this Berliner and Suol-mate right to our door step at Los Globos.

Behind it all are Jon Dadon and Jimbo Roit. Together they started Lovelife, but what it has become in the last two years extends considerably further than their tight friendship. They nurtured a scene in the city, one that would house the "Lovers" that have inevitably grown to be considered family.

"We have had a strong hand in changing the musical climate of San Diego and it's incredibly rewarding to see your city evolve before your eyes"Jon expressed to us. "A few years ago, our niche of music didn't really exist. Now, our parties are sold out and our crowd is educated on the music. It's nuts."

Jon's roots in music run deep through to his childhood. One of three musician brothers, Jon's first love was jazz. The man has rocked the trumpet since before the age of 12.

Music is 4 Lovers is Jon's blog and Michael Sandler (1/2 of Low Tide) is a director of content for the site
Low Tide is Michael Sandler and Josh Finley
Low Tide, Jon Dadon and Bo Hebert are providing the supporting sets for the show

Spread the Love

$5 BEFORE 10pm with RSVP



[Suol | Berlin]


[Music is 4 Lovers | LA]

[Lovelife, Music is 4 Lovers, LA/SD]


Sponsored by...

Music is 4 Lovers

Pulse Radio

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Plastic Love

Love you, mean it.




EDM Culture: Megan Sutherland's LA Event Picks with Trinidad Senolia, Till Von Sein, Three, Lovefingers & More

Not keen on the mega clubs? naw, me neither.

Here is an intimate but impressive gathering I recommend you roam to.

Roam Music is adding something creative and new to our extremely vibrant Los Angeles music scene. THREE (aka Chris Milo) will be DJing an extended set at a private TV studio loft in Hollywood. Their mission is to provide a location equipped with great sound to host amazing musical talent. Being dedicated fans of Three, they purposely delayed this opening party for two months in order to have him kick off the monthly series of what is to come. Three is often referred to by our peers as the DJ's DJ who demonstrates a relentless and fearless commitment for underground electronic music.

Three is known for keeping a dance floor moving for several hours with his genre-bending layers of good music. By invitation only with capacity for only 100 people, this exclusive night will be one for the books ya'll.


Currently residing in New York City, Three has been tirelessly holding the flag for underground electronic music in the US since his rise out of the sunny state of Florida in the early 90's. In that time, he's emerged as one of the brightest DJ talents in the US and continues to be a true inspiration for many of us. Threes tour dates show both diversity in audience and a genre-bending passion for good music; hes held residencies at NYCs Twilo, Cielo (Robots), Love and Blk Market Membership, as well as Florida's legendary Simons club and the 10 years running Snatch night in Tampa while playing lauded guest spots at San Francisco's Wicked party, Fabric (UK), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Club Eleven (Tokyo), Blk Market Membership (NYC) and forward thinking events like Japan's Labyrinth Festival and Australia's Rainbow Serpent Festival.

Three started the Hallucination Limited label in 2003 as an off-shoot of the seminal US 90's label Hallucination Recordings which was founded by dance music legends Rabbit In The Moon. Hallucination Recordings was responsible for some of the freshest techno (licensing the Hazed - Bells EP to Richie Hawtin's Plus 8 label in '94), proper electro (miami bass legends Dynamix 2 and Jackal & Hyde) and benchmark releases like Second Hand Satellites - Multiple Mirrors EP (produced by Three and Sean Q6). Armed with a sound that borrows equally from vintage acid-house, techno and underground electronica Hallucination Limited is held in the highest regard getting attention from a wider audience than most most labels reach. One of the ethos of Hallucination has always been to release music that years later that is still relevant and timeless on the dance floor. A perfect example of this is Cassy's Circo Loco mix CD "Inspired By The Sound Of The Circo Loco Terrace" for the July 2011 issue of Mixmag... which contains no less than five tracks from the label catalog! Three's eclectic taste as a DJ and producer shine through just as brightly in his choices for the label.

Following the path of his appeal as a DJ, his rare forays into producing have become staples for DJs of all styles. Three's remix of Mish Mash feat. Lois - 'Speechless' (Lost in Translation mix) for heavyweight UK label Crosstown Rebels received praise across the board including "pick of the month" in the 15 year anniversary issue of DJ Magazine while other productions such as the underground staple that is Second-Hand Satellites and remixes as Three A.M. (with David Christophere of Rabbit In The Moon) of U.N.K.L.E. feat. Ian Brown - 'Reign' continue to be played on dance floors around the world from DJs as diverse as Harvey, Ricardo Villalobos, Seth Troxler and Lee Burridge.

Coming from the school of American DJs like Josh Wink and Doc Martin, Three has a wide ranging musical palate akin to Andrew Weatherall or Laurent Garnier, and was recently featured as part of DJ Times Magazines DJX20 Anniversary profile series as one of twenty DJs who embody the spirit of the American underground along such contemporaries as Josh Wink and Claude Von Stroke.

Aside from his natural ability on the decks, Three sets himself apart from the rest of the pack by presenting eclectic sounds with an open-minded attitude towards everything he does. From DJ sets to musical output, Three is a "DJ's DJ" who has always leaned toward the cutting edge without losing touch with the roots of house and techno.



EDM Culture: Megan Sutherland's LA Event Picks with Trinidad Senolia, Till Von Sein, Three, Lovefingers & More

LA's newest label imprint brings you.. M A C H I N E

... A night of care-free dancing

We step into a secure DTLA warehouse location this Saturday night to boogie with SPLIT SECS, LOVEFINGERS & JUNIOR!!

If you know what's up, you know these dudes are widely responsible for shaping the Los Angeles house music scene. The legendary Junior is part of Sarcastic Disco and a pioneer of the underground.  Machine Limited is a Los Angeles based label ran by Alexandre Mouracade and Travis Kirschbaum from the group Split Secs.

Having Lovefingers visiting us is something very special. He is one of the most influential contemporary disco DJ's and crate diggers. Andrew Hogge aka Lovefingers has been through numerous releases and his frequent blogging played a significant part in creating the eclectic contemporary disco sound. He has had a major influence in taking the rock, kraut, country, weirdy beardy etc. on the disco map. In general, most disco DJ's owe Andrew a lot for his zillion hours of relentless crate digging in dusty basements all over the world.

Two buds who make music in L.A worth having a listen to are:

Alexandre & Travis T.K.


EDM Culture: Megan Sutherland's LA Event Picks with Trinidad Senolia, Till Von Sein, Three, Lovefingers & More

For many on the outside, Los Angeles is an unlikely, yet progressive place to think of when referring to the home of some underground dance acts; however, when you dig a little deeper it's for obvious reasons why many choose to take root here. For one, the weather is amazing and it's also home to one of the most burgeoning underground club scenes in the US. If you ask Alexandre Mouracade and Travis Kirschbaum, better known as Split Secs, they might give you an earful with one common theme running through it: The city is just plain fun.

A staple in the coveted destination party circle, Mouracade's music tastes span that of a seasoned digger with an attuned ear for techno, disco and acid house while pointing to roots in the iconoclastic funk, no-wave, hip-hop and punk scenes. He hosts Making Shapes, a roaming event that has attracted the likes of Simian Mobile Disco, Matias Aguayo, Maurice Fulton, Ewan Pearson and other notable DJ/Producers sharing the same core sensibilities. With a similar affinity for shaking things up, Kirschbaum, a.k.a. Travis TK Disko (a founding member of the S.F. production collective 40 Thieves) originally cut his teeth DJing in San Francisco in the glory days of the early 90s acid house scene. Over the last 20 years, TK has Djd internationally and shared the decks with some of the world's best DJs at his infamous party The Gun Club in San Francisco and Hot Biscuit in Los Angeles. Naturally, both bonded over their record collections, the rabbit hole created by vinyl culture and especially the friendly propensity to one-up each other.

The duo made quick work of a shared approach to make music like their predecessors, driving, palpable and warm but in no way derivative. Their first E.P. I'm Not Losin'/The Klink, distributed through DJ Kaos's label, Jolly Jams, was an instant cult classic and grabbed the attention of everyone from DOC Martin and DJ Hell to Still Going while also landing on various dance charts. Referencing the glory days of Detroit techno, Chicago house, early 90s British imports and even the early psychedelic sounds of the West Coast, the Split Secs sound deviates from the common denominator. Instead, it harks back to a time when one could easily make the connection between soulful roots and the feeling you get only from an analog sound.

Source: Anthem Magazine

Peep the MACHINE mix:

LOVEFINGERS (Esp Institute, RVNG intl)

SPLIT SECS (Machine Limited, Jolly Jams, Throne Of Blood)

JUNIOR (Sarcastic Disco)


RSVP: machinelimitedmusic/AT/gmail.com



EDM Culture: Megan Sutherland's LA Event Picks with Trinidad Senolia, Till Von Sein, Three, Lovefingers & More

"A spandex spectacular for fabulous people."

I know this is totally out of line guys, but remember..Mercury is in retroRAVE, or whatever its called so I'm goin' nuts. Decided to mix it up and have a wildcard entry from another city, SAN FRANCISCO, since this dance music event is just too sweet to pass up. In fact I will be venturing up ye olde' grapevine myself to attend this chic spandex fest otherwise known as STRETCH!

Everyone's favorite sisterly love duo LISBONA, hold this outrageous event. With a year under their belts, or um fanny packs..what a better reason to liberate those limbs this sunday fun day with a heavy hitting roster of bay area DJ icons. I think the very bendy and musically inclined ladies sum up the festivities best by this mission statement;

"Because we are such generous lovers, we're bringing you three supreme headliners ready to make you sweat; NIKITA (the tech-bomber), ADNAN (the hip-shaker), and GALEN (the funk-inducer) come together to form what is, quite frankly, a trifecta of beat assembly. The lovely ELZ along with Stretch residents, LISBONA, are bringing feminine appeal to the decks to hit you with a warm-up that looks just as good as it feels.

For your visual pleasure, we bring you the debut performance of THE SF THIGH MASTERS. Conor Dirks, Jonathan Dixon, Justin Barker, Keith Kraft, Scotty Young, Julian Contreraz, and Trev Campbell are ready to enact their response to the famous Stretch video. Thrusting is sure to ensue, so prepare have your heart rate raised.

Our LA sweetheart Nicola Rae will be showcasing her charming clothing line, DOLLY BARDOT, for an interactive pop-up shop that will dazzle you with the updated, re-imagined, and oh-so-striking vintage pieces that she does so fabulously.

From 7pm-9pm, we're setting up an 80s BEAUTY SALON in Monarch's sumptious Emperor's Drawing Room...come before the event to get your hair and makeup done like your favorite workout video star, then head over to have your GLAMOUR SHOT taken. It's our special night, and we want to remember it forever.

Happy anniversary, Stretchers. Relationships are hard werk, and we deserve to have a little fun.

Stay limber, lovers...


Do dem disco stretches friends, because everyone knows there's no parking on the dance floor.

See you in San FranDISCO!!!


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