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EDM Culture: Where The Bros Aren't - A Guide To A 'Bro Free' Day Of The Dead

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Image Credit: LA Weekly

EDM Culture: Where The Bros Aren't - A Guide To A 'Bro Free' Day Of The Dead

Hard Day of The Day is here! As with any festival, it can be a bit daunting to figure out what stage to go to and when. DOTD seems especially difficult this year with such a diverse line up of mainstream talent with some serious undercards. Our friends over at I Can Give You House gave a pretty good breakdown (listed below our selects) of the undercards, but there were still a few 'don't miss' acts we thought deserved a mention.

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One thing is for sure- all of these picks are relatively underground, so if you stay with this list you should be be able to have a music filled, relatively 'bro free' weekend at Day Of The Dead.


Giorgio Moroder

Moroder is closing out Day of the Dead on Sunday on the Red Bull Music Academy Discotheque Stage. Basically the man responsible for electronic dance music, Moroder's influence and continued relevance has experienced a mass resurgence in 2013. To miss his performance would be to miss a piece of history. Think of it this way, if you're at deadmau5's stage while Moroder is playing, it would be like watching She Wants Revenge instead of Daft Punk at Coachella 2006- not a good look.

magnetic 's Picks


Phuture Doom
1:30 - 2:00 Harder Stage

Rave techno mixed with hardstyle and black metal accoutrement; mystery group Phuture Doom is very the Prodigy lurking in the shadows. They have completely enshrouded themselves in mystery and the occult, putting out imagery to their sounds that incorporate futurism and transhumanism.

2:00 to 3:00 Harder Stage

Mention the name Sabo to anyone familiar with the tropical end of EDM and the response will be unanimous: deep, unquestioning respect, tinged with a healthy measure of awe. For the past 15 years Savo has set the benchmark for his peers, thanks to his unmistakable signature style: "Funky music to make you feel good", as he describes it - an irresistible, resonant, Balearic fusion that draws upon house, tropical bass, latin, Brazilian, afrobeat, disco, reggae, cumbia, dub, Miami bass, hip hop, funk and soul. In a glowsticks era when the word "uplifting" has lost much of its meaning, Sabo's productions, many released via his own Sol*Selectas label, are every bit uplifting as they are finely crafted and timeless.
Source: Sol Selectas

Wolf + Lamb
4:45 - 6:00 Underground Stage

Some wild extremes make up the whole that is Wolf + Lamb. Extrovert and introvert, vegan and carnivore, cancer survivor and social saboteur – you’d expect no partnership like this could last for long. But for over a decade, these differences have only sparked the seismic energies that Zev and Gadi bring to dance music. They’ve never cared much for current convention – for being “fast enough”, “hard enough”, or “cool enough” to win favor with the party culture hype machine. They play passionate music that moves hearts, and not just feet.
Source: Resident Advisor

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4:15 To 5:45 RBMA Discotheque Stage

Los Angeles native, TOKiMONSTA (Jennifer Lee) is known for her unique take on indie electronic/r&b/dance music. Her classical upbringing and eclectic music taste has allows her to create vast textural soundscapes—a reverberation that fuses vintage sensibilities with progressive inclinations. Her music has been recognized and praised by the very best in tastemaker and mainstream media. T LA Weekly ranked her as 2010’s #1 female DJ in Los Angeles.Not only has she caught ears of many as a different dimension of Los Angeles-based music, TOKiMONSTA is notably the first female to join Flying Lotus’ crew/label BRAINFEEDER, which is on the forefront of LA music scene.
Source: Tokimonsta

Kavinsky (Live)
7:30 - 8:30 RBMA Discotheque Stage

If legend is to be believed, Kavinsky is the world’s best-known zombie DJ and musician. “Killed when he crashed his Ferarri Testarossa in 1986, his records are the story of his first steps in the world of the living dead,” reads the bio. Others will tell you Kavinsky is the alias of Vincent Belorgey, protege of French beatmaster Mr Oizo (“Flat Beat”), friend and tourmate of Daft Punk and the Ed Banger crew, and producer of some of the most exciting electronic music out today, updating vintage Moroder and Miami Vice sonics for a new generation of distortion-loving club kids.
Source: Fool's Gold

Gaslamp Killer
10:00 - 10:45 Underground Stage

Still in the process of recovering from injuries sustained in a traffic accident, LA’s William Bensussen, aka The Gaslamp Killer, has always been many things at once. The San Diego native is a bonafide one-off; an artist and human being that can never be repeated. With an unparalleled energy, the DJ, producer, promoter and curator brings a different level of performance and showmanship to electronic music. "I always felt drawn to party time ever since I was little. Any kind of opportunity; a wedding, bar mitzvah, holiday. Whatever kind of event that was going on in my little community in San Diego, if there was music, I was dancing. It's just the way it was. I've always been into the energy and the happiness that it brings.”
Source: Resident Advisor


Thee Mike B
1:00 to 2:30 RBMA Discotheque Stage

LA native Thee Mike B has been involved in undergroud music since the late 90's. In addition to DJing and his own productions, he's involved in many projects such as Fifiteenth (Fool's Gold), Pools, Camo UFOs and Graveleaf. He's worked and released records with Stretch Armstrong, Diplo, Sinden, Switch, Jesse Rose, Nate Day, Sammy Bananas, Morse Code, Oliver, Omar Doom, Cosmo Baker, Fashen, DJ AM, Steve Aoki and many more.
Source: Beatport

7:30 To 9:30 RBMA Discotheque Stage

Skream is the electronic music producer and DJ Olly Jones from Croydon, South London. One of dubstep’s first and most prominent producers, he is often hailed as the ‘ambassador’ of the growing genre. Most famous outside the dubstep community for his crossover hit ‘Midnight Request Line’ released in 2005 on Tempa, Jones has diversified is sound even more as of late. While we don't know what to expect this year from Skream, we do expect it to be mind blowing.
Source: Last FM


Here are I Can Give You House's Picks. Pretty damn choice here as well-


1 – 2:15pm Underground stage

If you were blown away by Daniel Avery at HARD Summer back in August, then there’s a very good chance you’ll dig Sanfuentes. Sanfuentes is a core member of the Cómeme label, half of the Surtek Collective of BNR, and has produced for Matias Aguayo. He has his own brand of “machine funk,” a mixture of house, techno, and that delicious acid lick that makes everything just a little weird. Perfect for Halloween-time ventures.

2:45 – 4:15pm RBMA Discotheque

By now, even if you aren’t a fan, the only way you have not possibly heard anything about Dusky is if you’ve been living under a rock (alright, I guess homework’s a worthy excuse). The UK duo recently made news headlines when their single “Careless” knocked Hardwell off his throne at the top of the Beatport 100 chart. Their blend of house, garage, and techno and penchant for deepened R&B vocals has helped take them from the depths of the underground into the spotlight, as they enter the last leg of their US tour.

3:30 – 3:45pm Underground stage

Claptone is one of those artists whose music translates to electronic genres across the board, with support coming everywhere from A-Trak to DJ Sneak to Soul Clap to DJ Hell. He’s released on the exclusive German label, Exploited, and has hit many a high on the Beatport charts with his creamy brand of deep house. The perfect music to get you started for a day of increasingly hard, sweaty dancing by slowing easing you into a groove to get you stretched out… don’t want you straining any muscles before sunset, now.

4:15 – 5:15pm HARDER stage

Friends of Friends key figure and Frite Nite label owner Paul Salva aka Salva has been acquiring major cred in both electronica and rap for his music. He can do house and funk, but also churn out some mean-muggin’ trap worthy of a remix for Kanye West, which got him some major airplay on LA’s most popular rap radio station, POWER 106. Most recently, he completed a remix for Sage the Gemini and Iamsu!’s “Gas Pedal,” which goes OFF. I have a feeling he’ll be erring more on the rap-fueled, bass-tastic side of his music preferences for his set at DOTD, which gives fans the opportunity to either lazily nod along to the beat, or twerk it out.

Masters At Work
10:15 – 11:45pm RBMA Discotheque

I’m going make a pretty strong statement here: you can’t call yourself a fan of dance music if you don’t know the history behind it. Regardless of whether you like it or listen to it, you have to know where it’s been to know where it is now, and where it’s going later. Enter Masters At Work, who are essentially the OGs of house music. The men behind this project are the legendary “Little” Louie Vega and Kenny Dope, who together make up one of the few veteran acts this year. With remixes for Earth Wind & Fire, Madonna, Donna Summer, Michael Jackson, and Jamiroquai under their belts, they have more than earned their headliner slot this year.


Maribou State
2:30 – 3:30pm RBMA Discotheque

Liam Ivory and Chris Davids make up the duo that is Maribou State, a live act hailing from the UK that, given the short time the two have actually been producing together, is fast gaining fans of their ethereal, emotive take on bass music. Their sound is most appropriate for mellow thinking sessions on the floor of your bedroom than for the dance-floor, and more often than not utilizes chopped vocals to create a pensive mood for their listeners. Their Truths EP just came out on Southern Fried Records, and it has just a hint of house and jazz that will make it prime for sitting in the shade with some lemonade.

Henry Krinkle
2:00 – 3:00pm HARD Stage

Describing his own music as a new sound “blossoming somewhere between the swamps and polo fields of South Florida,” Henry Krinkle’s put his krinkly touch on everyone from Le Youth, Cyril Hahn, and even Drake with his “lush haus,” which leaves your ears feeling full without being irritated.

Cyril Hahn B2B Ryan Hemsworth
3:00 – 4:10 pm HARD stage

Producers Cyril Hahn and Ryan Hemsworth team up to bring some smooth swag back to Los Angeles. The two have been touring across the US for the fall, swathing audiences in their bass-filled, hip-hop-influenced beats. Both are celebrating the release of recent EPs: Hahn’s Perfect Form and Hemsworth’s Guilt Trips have been making the blog rounds since previews hit the web.

J Paul Getto
4:00 – 5:30pm Underground stage

J Paul Getto is your purveyor of funk for the weekend, with his style sample-heavy disco house that is bound to get all bodies grooving on the dancefloor. If you’re a fan of Duck Sauce and dancing, Getto is your man. He’s affiliated with a group of world-class names, including Armand Van Helten, Todd Terry, and DJ Sneak, and has remixed the likes of Louis La Roche, Duck Sauce, Treasure Fingers, and Joey Negro. Diddy even gave him props for his remix of Nas’ “The Don.”

6:00 – 7:30pm Discotheque

The German Tensnake will be making his HARD debut this weekend after few appearances in LA within the last few years. His disco-sprinkled house is always a delight to dance to, along with deeper beats that keep your body on cruise control. His single “Coma Cat” lights dance-floors on fire, and his most recent work, “See Right Through,” got a call-out from Pete Tong as an Essential New Tune. Really excited to see more of Tensnake, as he is one of many to rep the underground at a festival bent on digging deeper.

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