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EDM Culture: Will Hard Present An All Female DJ Festival In 2014?

EDM Culture: Will Hard Do An All Female DJ Festival In 2014?

Women are slowly rising to the cream at the top of the male-driven world of EDM... with the emerging and established talent making a face and a name for themselves, we can only imagine what this next year will bring for the beauties behind the beat. (Sorry Beibs, it was never really your song anyways.)

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So who is taking the plunge into an All Female DJ festival? The same people who just threw Skrillex, Pretty Lights, Bloody Beetroots and Deadmau5 in the middle of Los Angeles and made magical plurish things happen. That's right festie friends- HARD is looking to bring you some serious eye-candy filled nights with the hottest, most talented women in EDM Culture.

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LessThan3 just got the scoop from a recent interview with Gary Richards. Here's a what they said:

The man has a plan: throw a festival featuring exclusively female talent.

'I've been asked this question so many times that I feel like we need to develop it more. You know develop a brand or give girls more of a chance. I have a concept for a show thatís all girl performers... It's not a 70,000 person event. But I do see more females coming up and I'm definitely gonna do it 2014.'

Richards goes on to explain the difficulties of distracting himself from his usual 70k-person events for something that may or may not turn as large a profit, but he says when it comes to throwing monumental events, money's the last thing on his mind.

"I'm not worried about selling the tickets, it's just getting them all at the same time. The problem is around here, these dudes they want me working on another festival with 70,000 people. This is just something really cool to do. I just do cool shit cause i like to do it. Everybody wants me spending my time on something thatís gonna make money...To me it's not even a money thing... The key to it is Iíve got to be able get them all in the same place at one time. The thing is I can't pay them as much. See when it's the festival you're doing 60- 70,000 people, you can pay people more money. But this show will probably be at the Palladium, so if I want to get five or six girls from around the world, you know it's gonna be tough to make it work."

SOURCE: lessthan3

Read the full interview Here.

We're down... But only if Tenasher and P.Hilton give us a B2B. Interpret as you see fit.


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