EDM News: Miley Cyrus Flips Off DJ Chuckie, Gets Tossed Out Of VIP


EDM News: Miley Cyrus Flips Off DJ Chuckie, Gets Tossed Out Of VIP

Pop stars seem to love getting into trouble with the EDM culture. First there was Bieber vs. Michael Woods, and now there's Miley vs. Chuckie. EDMTunes.com recently got the scoop:

"Dirty dutch DJ Chuckie was at Create nightclub in Los Angeles . . . and so was Miley Cyrus apparently. Wearing a purple wig and dancing around in the VIP section, Cyrus was spotted amongst the revelers at the event. After making a joke, albeit at the expense of the former Disney channel star, Miley Cyrus decided it would be a good idea to flip off the DJ. Chuckie’s friends took offense to the rude gesture and eventually got her kicked out of the VIP section where she was enjoying the show."

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All things being said though, a middle finger is really no big deal and Chuckie's boy should of brushed it off.

UPDATE: Chuckie apologizes on Instagram: "forgot to tell you guys that @mileycyrus gave me the middlefinger after I said "somewhere in America, Miley Cyrus is still twerking.." It was a joke...anyway, my friends reacted and kicked her out of their VIP booth... I'm sorry Miley! Haha.. That show @createnightclub was hella fun anyway! #dirtydutch #djchuckie"

Watch the video of Miley dancing  Chuckie's DJ set  pre-obscene gesture on EDM Tunes here.


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