EDM News: Planningtorock Set To Release New Album 'All Love's Legal' On Human Level Recordings Feb 2014

EDM News: Planningtorock Set To Release New Album 'All Love's Legal' On Human Level Recordings Feb 2014

Planningtorock, aka Jam Rostron, is a Berlin based music and video artist. She also is the founder of Human Level Recordings which is part of the DFA family. Her last album, W, was released in 2011 and she has just announced a new album coming this 2014.

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From The Press Release:

Disruption and interference aren’t words you ordinarily associate with pop or dance music, but Planningtorock is on a mission to unseat all norms. On her new album All Love’s Legal, she leaves you in no doubt as to the seriousness of her vision of transnational gender equality. Surprisingly, given that Western dance music is born out of black, queer music, it rarely touches upon these themes, but All Love’s Legal is a refreshingly direct statement of political intent.

For Jam Rostron, the Bolton-born, Berlin-based artist behind the multimedia recording and performance project Planningtorock, All Love’s Legal is both an extension of her previous work and a refinement and of its ideas and sonics. Planningtorock has always incorporated politics into her music, but this is by far her most explicitly political record yet. It follows W, which was released on DFA in 2011, and her 2006 debut album Have It All, as well as Tomorrow, In A Year, her acclaimed collaboration with Mt. Sims and The Knife. With a refined sonic palette, focused political intent, and a new name – having changed it from Janine to Jam – Planningtorock embarks on an exciting new phase.

Where on W, Planningtorock mapped her political intent onto a canvas of bubbling electronics and instrumentation, on All Love’s Legal her themes are embedded in the very fabric of the album, woven into every beat, synth line and string passage. The musical and lyrical aspects of All Love’s Legal are equally important, and Planningtorock works towards queering sonics. Her technique of pitching down and processing her magnetic voice into de-genderized tones enables her to confront received ideas of femininity head-on, and that she composed, recorded, played and produced All Love’s Legal in its entirety also lays waste to what she describes as a “sickness within society, the genderization of intellect and skill in almost any profession.”

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Source: Human Level Recordings

All Love's Legal is set to release on Human Level Recordings on February 10, 2014.


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