Event Review: Alesso 'Uprising' Stops at Petco Park, San Diego - EDM News

Event Review: Alesso 'Uprising' Stops at Petco Park, San Diego - EDM News

Filling the void left by the break up of Swedish House Mafia, Alesso (Alessandro Lindblad) has firmly taken his place as a lead Swede DJ in EDM culture- securing his career with the so-far-sold-out North American tour, Uprising.

On Friday, the international DJ graced San Diego with his unmistakable progressive sound at Petco Park, and took the city by storm. Although the opening of the venue was crowded, with lines wrapped around the block- once through the gates, the experience was solid.

The tunes which gained Alesso fame were played as expected- but with a twist. SHM tracks filled the speakers, which was disappointing at first- but all skeptisism left immediately after hearing new, untapped remixes to the overly-famous songs. The highlight of the night was undoubtedly when 'Pressure' dropped and caused the crowd to go wild, dancing and singing along with the highly popularized 2011 track, hands in the air formed into little heart shapes could be seen through the multi-colored glow of the lights. Although arguable by many- 'Pressure' is a track that can freeze-frame a memory and rekindle the festival-fire within.

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The stage set-up was well done, the sound was superior, and the visuals on the giant LED screen were vibrant and interactive. The only downfall of the entire show was the 2-minute power outage caused by rare rain in San Diego, causing the lights, sound, and stage to fall into darkness. The recovery was quick however, and the show went on.

Event Review: Alesso 'Uprising' Stops at Petco Park, San Diego - EDM News

Overall, Alesso played a memorable show, and proved to San Diego that that the Swedish side of EDM culture post SHM is here to stay. LED Staff was a pleasure to work with, extending kindness to attendees-- not the stuck-up 'F-you, I'm a promoter' vibe generally found at events. And although the security staff was sub-par, and extremely difficult to work with, the use of clean public bathrooms and park concessions was a huge, huge plus.


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