Event Review -RPM Brings The Fear Back To Pier 94 - EDM News

Event Review -RPM Brings The Fear Back To Pier 94 - EDM News

October 26th, 2013, The Pier of Fear does it again. Manhattan's exclusive Pier 94 was rocked with the uproarious performances by R3HAB, Michael Woods, and the man himself Calvin Harris. Pier 94 is the colossal powerhouse of a concert venue on Manhattan's west side, and during the weekend before Halloween it hosted a true ‚"Monster Mash". With Halloween as the theme of the event, Pier 94's 133,000 square feet was mobbed with characters portraying the spooky, scary, and sexy.

As we weaved through the pack, I noticed large decorations bobbing down from the ceiling. These ornaments hovering over the dancefloor seemed to shower the fanbase with a mixture of Halloween and EDM spirit. When the music started to roll the mood was in full effect.

Event Review -RPM Brings The Fear Back To Pier 94 - EDM News

Michael Woods laid down some electro house with hints of refined dub to start off the night just right. Around midnight, Calvin Harris took the reigns and injected his style into sea of bouncing fanatics. His opener was from his collaboration with Florence Welch, Sweet Nothing and he later added a remix of Ellie Goulding's " Need Your Love" As I might have guessed, he closed his set with his signature, "Feel so Close".


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The lively R3HAB kept the party alive with his dark dutch house vibrations. I was not surprised to see his high energy on stage and how much he interacted with the crowd from the beginning to end. He never lets down and always crushes it.

Event Review -RPM Brings The Fear Back To Pier 94 - EDM News

The "Pier of Fear' experience was sublime because the costumes and the phenomenal DJs. I'd like to thank everyone at Pacha & RPM for making this possible for me and my team!

3 Highlights:

1. Talent, talent and more talent "RPM/Pacha are constantly announcing new shows with headliner after headliner. Think about Pier of Fear?? Calvin Harris, R3hab and Michael Woods all in one show they could have had them for the three separate events and pulled it off. These promoters go hard and breaking everyone’s bank accounts for sure but no doubt about it, they bring the best.

2. Versatility- RPM throws events all over the metropolitan area on a regular basis and even nationwide at times. During the past holiday weekend set of events they had parties at Pier 94, Pacha and warehouses in BK. They're everywhere these days and they make sure that a party for you is always within reach.

3. Consistency - The people behind Pacha & RPM have been around the block a couple times and have been doing this for a long time now. They not only consistently throw events in the area but they consistently throw quality events. They attract the top talent and seem to have their hands everywhere these days. If you live in the metropolitan area and go out and haven't gone to at least one of their events. Shame on you. If you're ever in town visiting hit em up!

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