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Headhunterz + Krewella Are For The Children! - New Electronic Music

Headhunterz + Krewella Are For The Children! - New Electronic MusicHeadhunterz + Krewella Are For The Children! - New Electronic Music

Hardstyle powerhouse Headhunterz came together with the distinguished voices of Jahan & Yasmine of EDM trio Krewella-- because they have something important to say. Sorry kids, but they didn't break the stage-caking record, or GTA-wreck their Ferarri's into a pile of ashes. They didn't sit around planning next years Top-100 Campaign, and they aren't planning a break-up to make-up tour. They definitely are not headlining a diamond worthy Ibiza residency, and unfortunately-- they aren't collabing with Beiber.

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Headhunterz & Krewella have partnered up with, a non-profit organization which helps to educate, and prevent cyber-bullying. Their goal? To get a crucial message out, letting "The United Kids of the World" know they aren't alone in this fight. Cyber-bullying is real, and happens to anyone and everyone. Yasmine & Jahan open the video with posts sent to them via social media- slamming the heritage of the girls, lewd comments about their careers, and many other demoralizing messages.

In a recent press release, Headhunterz states:
"Social media is a safe haven to say anything that comes to mind, but what we do with this freedom is our own choice. We can use it as a weapon or as a self-defense mechanism. United Kids of The World, with Krewella, was not written to point fingers at anyone, but to spread a compassionate message. All three of us have experienced being bullied in our youth, and the only thing that was causing that was a lack of self-awareness. That is where bullying starts. So world, dear reader, listener, it is time to become aware of your role in this, your actions and their consequences."

United Kids of the World was filmed in the back lots and warehouses in the middle of Los Angeles, where a group of kids- all from different walks of life came together for a cause. United as one, EDM's new power-trio and their supporters can be seen shuffling, marching, and break-dancing together, raising their hands against bullying, against cyber-abuse, and in hope for a brighter future.

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Yasmine & Jahan stated in a press realease:
"We're really excited to partner with to raise awareness towards cyber bullying worldwide, with our Headhunterz collaboration. Although our society has made progress to promote equal rights and peace, we need to pay closer attention to bullying in the digital age, since it lies underneath reality's surface and can have effects more harmful than ever before. Our goal is to send a positive message through the universal language of music. No matter what age, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference, we are all united."

Headhunterz + Krewella: United Kids of the World

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