Italian DJ Luca Pink Talks About DMC, Hardstyle And Progressive House Music


When it comes to EDM culture, Luca Pink has been in the game for a minute. Starting off as a hard dance / jumpstyle DJ in 2004. He's played some of the best parties in Europe, competed in various high level competitions and his music has been featured on several hardstyle compilations.

Italian DJ Luca Pink Talks About DMC, Hardstyle And Progressive House Music

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Most recently, Luca Pink has joined the Musical Noize roster and shifted his sound to have a more melodic progressive house music edge. His most recent releases "Splash" and "Phenea" have both secured extended spots in the top Beatport rankings of his respective category.

His story is unique (how many current EDM DJs can say they competed in the DMC competition?), and despite being involved in the scene for a few years Luca Pink maintains a particularly positive outlook on the scene.

He took some time to answer a few of our questions. Take a read-

Your track Splash has been in the Beatport Progressive House Top 100 for a month now. Congratulations! Did you expect it to do so well?

The first week i didn’t believe it could be in the high position of the chart, but i got lots of private messages and all congratulated for Splash. Among them i even got a mail by Dj Bl3nd. Soon afterwards i understood that Splash would be a good song and it’s a great satisfaction for me.

You started off as a JumpStyle/Hardstyle DJ. How did you crossover from a JumpStyle/Hardstyle turntablist background to progressive-house?

When i started producing, i liked hard sounds; For this reason i started with Jumpstyle/Hardstyle. After some years, i gave up with music production because of personal problems, but i thought about a change…in order to get a sound similar to Jumpstyle/hardstyle, but with slower bpm. Today this is Progressive House, but i can say that it has a lot in common with JumpStyle/Hardstyle. For now, i’m looking at the future, but i’m nostalgic about old times.

What was it like competing in the DMC competition, and how did you place overall?

Between 1996 and 1998 i took part in several competitions, among which the most important was the dj trip, and i got the third place and the following year the first place. In that period i also took part in DMC; It was a good competition, but i didn’t get the podium. I think that a defeat helps you toughen up, and makes you improve and do better things, so i can say that in my life even defeats are important!

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Do you bring any turntablist elements into your DJ sets today?

Sometimes my Mac is connected to a Pioneer CDJ. When possible, I love performing with the Vinyl and 2 Technics 1210 (Traktor System), as a memory of the old and beloved times. Performing in front of a great audience and having a record in my hands… it's an unbelievable feeling!

What made you want to produce electronic dance music and progressive house in particular?

The first reason is that the influence of dance music in the 90s reflected the progressive of today. I love the electronic sounds of the Synths, the angelical melodies, the hard Kick dutch, the rythmics of the grooves and all that is part of this musical type and I feel it as a part of me. However, I can certainly say that progressive music today is a mix of several types of electronic genres- the light progressive, the melodic one and even the hardest (dutch etc.). I love all them a lot!

What software do you use to produce? What sets it apart from other DAW's?

I have been working with cubase since 2004. In these years I have attended several courses using this sequencer, but i also use Logic Pro and Protools. They are all good . . . I prefer Cubase because I’m fond of it and i know it’s better than the others. For the final mastering I use Protools, because the sound and the final result are unique.

If you could only use 2 vst's which ones would they be and why?

Virus Ti and Sylenth1. I think each producer who wants to create new sounds should use the VirusTi. It’s a fantastic synth, and you can work with it live and in vst mode. It gives a warm sound and it’s very easy to use, that’s why I suggest Sylenth1 to everybody. It’s not very expensive and you can do lots of things with it at a good price. Furthermore, with this vst you can create a lot of sounds and be very fast.

If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?

Calvin Harris. Every song or remix has something unique.

What artists do you think are pushing the boundaries of progressive house right now?

There are lots of them, but now i think that Benny Bennassi, thanks to his last remix is giving impulse to the electronic sound, showing its high quality. I think his idea to involve Italian pop music in the progressive house is absolutely fantastic.

What are your favorite cities to visit or perform in and why?

Sydney. I love Australia. But I also love London, even if its sky is always grey…

So what's next for your music? Where do you want to take your sound?

Following my style, I think I’ll work on new tracks looking for new sounds, in order to involve a wider audience. As regards as sounds, I love creating them from scratch and moduling them so that they can “get inside me”. When a sound gives me emotion, it’s the right one!


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