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"Kandi Kids" Interviewed At Electric Zoo - Win Or Fail? - EDM Culture

"Kandi Kids" Interviewed At Electric Zoo - Win Or Fail? - EDM Culture

Before we dive into the dissection of this video- I feel it is only fair to give a bit of background on yours truly:
Hiii! I'm Hannah. I Rave. I Write. I might piss you off, or you might love it. (Either way, it's fine.) I've been attending parties/raves/festivals (whatever you feel like calling them) on & off for 12-ish years. I have witnessed the evolution of music, fashion, people, and even what we call this culture (EDM, Electronica, Techno, Noise... You get the picture.) For the most part, I feel that my opinions are generally non-biased; even though such a thing hardly exists anymore. Nice to meet ya!

That being said-- Let's move forward.

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This morning, we stumbled upon a video/write-up from Thump titled "I Dressed Up As A Flying Pig And Interviewed Kandi Kids". Naturally, this sparked my attention. The article itself by Ms. Vivian Host isn't terrible- actually, I applaud the author for her truthful recollection of rave culture in "the old days." But while I'm always appreciative of Thump's IDGAF reporting style, I found the video to have a couple of pretty big misrepresentations of the 'Kandi Kids'.

Check it out and see what they were below.

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Fail #1: The Subjects.

Let's take a step back: Kandi Kids generally try to stay out of the spotlight. Traditionally, wearing Kandi is a form of expression, gratitude, friendship and memories experienced in a place far from reality. The Rave. It is not meant to be seen by the real world, or publicized by the mainstream for fear of bringing judgement, negativity and ruthlessness into the coveted one-night dream world. These kids being interviewed- these are not Kandi Kids. These are festival attendees, Ravers at best. (Yes, Newbs. There is a difference.) But Seriously!? Sucking D** for Kandi? Come on! That lost little energizer-twerk-bunny needs guidance and a slap across the face, not publicity. What a terrible and misleading representation. The first guy had it right, should have just stopped there.

Fail #2: The Theme.

While the whole "development in kandyville" theme might have been a decent idea to start with... but it failed. It failed hard. For a piece supposedly written to show the growth and development of a rave trend, it sure didn't stick! Where is the background? Where is the story of where and why the trend began, and why it exists in rave culture? (Note: NOT 'EDM' Culture. Don't get confused, Bro.) Does the video show the meaning behind PLUR? Nope. Does the video show the connection between trading kandi? Nope. In fact, you've probably learned more about it in the last 2 minutes of reading than in watching that entire video. Just saying, if the theme was to look into the development of Kandi, the Kandi Kids, and PLUR over the last decade- it should have some facts.

I'll take the Kandi Kids in phat pants, cut off tanks, and chucks- covered in Kandi, carelessly dancing the night away over a naked, glitter covered, twerk obsessed, excuse of a human any day.



video/image source: Thump

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