Krewella Shares "Trick Or Troll" Mix As A Free EDM Download

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Krewella Shares "Trick Or Troll" Mix As A Free EDM Download

One thing about Krewella, they stay on their grind mode. Some acts may drop an album, go on tour, then disappear, but not the Krew. In honor of Halloween they just dropped their 6th Troll mix (no, it doesn't include anything from Grimes). We came up on this from our friends over at Wantickets. Here's what they said:

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Krewella released their sixth troll mix today, Trick or Troll. It’s definitely a treat for fans. It starts out with a captivating remix of Live for the Night that introduces the spooky vibe. The mix grounds us with vocals only to take us out of this world with scary good beats. It maintains a spooky vibe in an “I wanna rage with Frankenstein and the wicked witch of the west” kind of way. It’s so magnetizing, Little Bo Peep might even want to get in on this.

With this mix playing, there definitely won’t be anyone hanging out by the punch bowl at your Halloween party. If it’s not on your Halloween party playlist, you should probably re-evaluate your playlist. Also, make sure to check out Krewella’s latest album, Get Wet.


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