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New Magnetic Podcast - Deep In A Jar Of Honey (Deep & Techy House) - EDM Download

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New Magnetic Podcast - Deep In A Jar Of Honey (Deep & Techy House) - EDM Download

Here you have it the brand new Magnetic Magazine Podcast. This week I’m taking it in a slightly more chilled out direction as you won’t be dancing too much due to the huge amounts of food you will be consuming on Thanksgiving. For our Non American friends, please note we have a major holiday this Thursday where we all eat way too much and give thanks for our family, friends and of course Electronic Music!!! Thanksgiving...

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Deep In A Jar Of Honey Mixed by David Ireland (Camoflaug3/Magnetic)

Big Thanks for our new Podcast Intros/Outros Produced by AudioProtocol
- Please visit them at to learn more about their professional podcast solutions.

Name / Artist
1. Remembering, K_ehne
2. Diva, Walking_On_Snow_(Yoshi_Horino_Remix), Diva,
3. 3d World, Slavaki
4, Don't You Know (Original Mix), Strong Souls
5, Save Me (Original Mix), Superdrums
6, Your Little Voice (Ian O'Donovan Remix), Madben
7, Another (Original Mix), Denis A,
8, Baiyon Blue (vocals Antonia Serra), A Yapacc
9, Mawan (Original Mix), Dana Ruh
10, The Right One (Original Mix)
11, Big Bottle (Original Mix), DN3
12, Cosmic John, Komon
13, So Easy, Komon
14, Mere Illusion, Rino Buttice
15, Lovemade (Extended Mix) (Original Mix), EinKa
16, Far, Dusty Kid
17, Let's Go Dancing (Maya_Jane_Coles_Dancing_In_The_Dark_Remix), Tiga Vs Audion

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