NYC Based DJ Gina Turner Talks On Starting Turn It Records - EDM News


NYC Based DJ Gina Turner Talks On Starting Turn It Records - EDM News

Ever wondered how to start your own record label? Well, it takes a little more than vistaprinting some free business cards and opening twitter and facebook accounts, and then subsequently spamming all your friends to like/follow them.

In a recent op-ed for the Huffington Post titled "What I Did When I Didn't Have 'The Right Sound', House/Techno DJ Gina Turner gives a run down of what really goes into starting a label, and how specifically it was good for her genre bending style to have it's own imprint.

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Here's an excerpt:

Then it dawned on me: "Why can't I start my own label?" I certainly have the vision, and if my music is "not exactly fitting" other labels, then this is the time for me to take matters into my own hands.

I met with my manager Julie at her office and she quickly introduced me to Anthony who also works in her office and handles digital distribution and other releases for some of the other artists in my management company. I explained to them my vision, the name that I wanted -- "Turn it Records" -- and the rest is history!

I quickly contacted my favorite graphic designer Jamie McNeil and we discussed label artwork and ideas and my vision, I knew he could execute it, and he did.

Next up I reached out to my brother Ed to be in this journey with me, as I know he has experience with contracts and is able to reach out to people in a professional manner.

Now, I had the team behind me, the management, the designer, and the label liaison... and of course that brings me to my role. I am the one to choose the music that Turn It releases, the one who listens to demos that Ed filters for me and also, the remix curator and more.

The first release was "Giovanna," that track that I had made in 2011 -- finally seeing the light of day in June of 2012. I had an amazing remix on board, Van Toth from GTA made that track so visible with his remix, gaining support from many DJs in the community. It was an amazing first release. Since then we have released a few other solid EPs, keeping my vision in mind and certainly quality over quantity."

You can read the entire piece on the Huffington Post HERE. All in all a good read for anyone interested in making music and possibly starting a label.

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