Richy Ahmed Previews "The Drums" EP - File Under 'House Music'

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Richy Ahmed Previews "The Drums" EP - File Under 'House Music'

In less than two years the London-based producer Richy Ahmed has gathered some series attention. From 2011’s slinky, deep house mover 'Suck It' (Hot Creations) to his 80's chicago manipulation remix of Infinity Ink's 'Infinity', there’s always an enviable glisten about his work. His wizardry behind the decks lead to him being named resident DJ at DC10's Paradise this summer with the season coming to an end in late September. On top of that, Richy was the next host of Rinse FM’s illustrious mix series joining a dream shortlist of names including Kode9, Geeneus and Skream in the process.

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Richy Ahmed recently uploaded a stream of his newest EP 'The Drums' forthcoming from Jamie Jones' label Hot Creations on December 16th.

Title track, 'The Drums', a nod to hip-house, utilizes a buttery-smooth rolling bassline into a four-to-the-floor beat with impressive results. Legend, Kevin Knapp, jumps on vocal duty adding his own flair to 'the drums'. On the flip side, '101 Jam' is a oscillating analogue taste of deep house. Here, Richy pitches skittering hi-hats and hyperactive synth movements atop a robust bassline foundation. It pays homage to the brand of house celebrated right from the genre’s genesis.

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