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Say 'Bye-Bye' To Hangovers? UK Scientist Developing Alcohol Substitute - EDM Culture


Say 'Bye-Bye' To Hangovers? UK Scientist Developing Alcohol Substitute - EDM Culture

The reach of this innovation will go beyond just the party people of EDM culture! According to the UK Guardian, a scientist in the United Kingdom is developing an "alcohol surrogate" that can keep all the positive effects of a few drinks and drop the negative.

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For the Trekkies out there, this is another innovation straight from the pages of Star Trek (Nerd Alert!). Got an early '0h-six-hundred' bridge shift? No worries- throw back a couple shots of 'synthehol' and your hangover cure is just a 'hypo-spray' away.

Here's the full scoop from Mixmag -

In a blog post for The Guardian, Professor Nutt has stated he is working on a drink that will act as an alcohol substitute and imitate the body's Gaba function, a system that keeps the brain calm and relaxed.

'In theory we can make an alcohol surrogate that makes people feel relaxed and sociable and remove the unwanted effects, such as aggression and addictiveness.

'The other great advantage of this scientific approach to intoxication is that if we target compounds that affect the Gaba system, then it is possible to produce other drugs that could be sold alongside the alcohol substitute as an antidote.'

Professor Nutt has so far identified five different compounds to test, depending on whether funding is received, and believes his invention will not enter the market until it becomes a realistic threat to alcohol sales.

He also claims to have developed an antidote for the drink, which will wipe away any boozy effects, leaving the user to carry on sober"

Source: Mixmag.


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