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SHOCKING: Two Bros Go To A Nightclub And Get, Like, Really Confused, Bro - EDM Culture

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SHOCKING: Two Bros To A Nightclub And Get, Like, Really Confused, Bro - EDM Culture

As much as I try to give the bros the benefit of the doubt (forgive them, bro, for they know not what they do), it can get a little frustrating when they try to argue the merits of their own stupidity. Some of them 'love' EDM and pollute the scene, as their music knowledge peaks with their fraternity drug-ring bought 'ecstasy'. Others pack up and leave right away, confused by four-on-the-floor drum patterns and too-few lyrics. They then go on to bash electronic music, thinking that their unhealthy obsession with 1970s folk-rock gives them a good base  to attack what they don't understand.

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Basically their arguments circle like this:

Bro, I don't really know anything about electronic music, bro. But I went to a show, bro, and didn't understand it, so therefore, bro, I know something about it, bro. But bro, I don't get it, bro."

It's almost like they are trying to make you go insane. Case in point- Brandon Wenerd from the actually thinks that the Rolling Stone's recent rip of EDM culture  proves that rock and roll is superior. According to Brandon, bro, the video "sums up [his] feelings," (yes bros actually do have feelings, albeit they are limited to two - 'bro' and 'broh').

He cites a recent trip where he went to nightclub in Las Vegas with his bro, bro. Here's his epiphany:

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EDM is blurry, bro, and indistinguishable. It's basically, bro, jazz made by computers bro, for bros [people] who embrace being a [sic, bro] natural byproducts, bro, of a digital era, bro.

Bro, There are two problems with EDM, bro: (1. The computer-generated mathematical precision of EDM's live performance makes it pretty soulless, bro. Think about what it's like to watch Aretha Franklin or Mick Jagger or Robert Plant or Greg Allman or Elton John breathlessly, bro, hold a note for just the right moment with a crowd lapping it up with massive smiles in the palm of their hand, bro. Great live muscians are capable of bro, sublime moments that make hearts melt in the way no drop can, because bro it hits this dusty corner of your soul. And 2.) There's a massive disconnect, bro,  between the artist and the audience. There wasn't really a whole lot to pay attention to, bro, besides bright flashing lights, people dancing, and two [br0s] pressing buttons. Showmanship of the performer, bro, is a big X-factor that's really missing from the EDM concert spectacle bro. In fact, it's basically non-existant, sans a couple of fist-pumping hand gestures.

Source: Brobible

Our bro Brandon ends his rant by saying "bro, I couldn't wait to get out of there bro".

It's difficult to argue against ignorance. But what I do know that for as many rock shows that I've been to that have had "soul", I've also been to clubs where the DJ has got me so deep I've discovered parts of my "soul" that I didn't know were there. And it was the DJ's connection to the audience that made this discovery possible. The "showmanship" was in the selection, and it didn't matter if he/she was pushing buttons or putting needles on records.

So to Brandon, bro, we're asking you, the Bro Bible bro, and the rest of your bros, bro, to please stop trying to talk about a scene you know nothing about (if you did, you wouldn't form your opinion, bro, in a nightclub in Las Vegas, bro - that's like judging Phish based on a performance at the Grammys). As a compromise, we will make sure to never cover bands you are into like Creed, Kid Rock, or Nickleback on our site.

Deal? Bro?

I think Brandon  stopped reading at "bro".


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