The 10 Most Popular Posts This Week On Magnetic

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The 10 Most Popular Posts This Week On Magnetic

From deadmau5 to Steve Lawler, to Escape from Beamz, to a Halloween event that may have been the most interesting event in the world, we covered a lot of ground in EDM culture.

So while you were out picking out your costume and eating candy, we were in the newsroom, out in the field, and getting down and dirty in the trenches, for you, the reader. Yep you should really appreciate us for all our hard work!

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Here we countdown Magnetic's 10 most read posts of the week!

10. Mat Zo "Turns Up The Funk" & Trolls Mainstream EDM

09. Pasquale Rotella Responds To Headliners Being Turned Away At The Gate 

08. Don't Like The Term EDM? Here Are Your Other Options

07. The Most Interesting Party In The World Was In Los Angeles

06. 10 Really Scary EDM Songs To Mix In Your DJ Set This Halloween


05. Exclusive Premier Of NASA's "Hide" Tropkillaz Remix

04. Steve Lawler Goes To War On The DJ Mag Top 100

03. Escape From Wonderland Event Re-Cap

02. deadmau5 Is Contemplating Legal Action Against Beamz

01. deadmau5 Launches New Touch Screen DJ Technology

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