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The Chainsmokers Share A "#Selfie" As An EDM Download In Honor Of Their 11/22 Show At LIV Miami

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The Chainsmokers Share A "#Selfie" As An EDM Download In Honor Of Their 11/22 Show At LIV Miami

They may not look it or act it, but the Chainsmokers are actually pretty cool guys. To top it off, they are rock solid DJs/producers who have just as much fun joking around in the scene as they do contributing some great music (plus, we hear they are really great rollerbladers too!).

It looks like their rapid rise to success has brought them to the stage of the LIV Miami, where they'll be doing their thing on stage for the land of great tans, art deco, and egos that are almost as big as your biceps, bro.

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In order to commemorate their gig, they've released a new party style, big room track, aptly called "#Selfie". It's a break from the Chainsmokers' usual super smooth production style, this time going for the prime time banger vibe. Take a listen and grab the EDM download below. Guaranteed it will last you longer than the steamy #selfies the Chainsmokers usually send over Snapchat. Not that I would know. Oops.

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First, a brief message from the Chainsmokers:

Now first let us say don't get all bent up about this, its just a fun song... Dont get all high and mighty on it music elitists, it's a party tune, lets leave it at that.... Next let us tip our hats to a huge inspiration of ours @TJR for inspiring the style of this track (production wise)...

That said, we know this is a departure from our usual indie progressive style, but DONT WORRY, this track is just a fun party track enjoy it or not, its just for fun... I mean if the title doesn't infer that, then we are at a loss of words... Anyway, the classic #Selfie, well it pretty much defines 2013... when VH1 does remember the 90's the Selfie will deserve its own section... So enjoy this tune, play it loud, laugh at it, learn the words (shout out to Alexis Killacam for nailing it all in one take) and hopefully see you at LIV...

Get your tickets to the Chainsmokers at LIV Miami here.

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