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Travel Gear: Aviiq Portable Charging Folio Mini

Travel Gear: Aviiq Portable Charging Folio Mini

If you are a DJ, or just a frequent traveler, you know how essential it is to be lean and mean when you are on the road. There is nothing worse than the chuckle head in the security line that is having a yard sale and/or pat down party with the TSA agents - shoes, laptops, keys, other randomness just flying around in 3 different bozo buckets. You know this guy and we have all been there.

Watching Humpty Dumpty trying to put himself back together again on the other side is equally as painful, if not more so. So for those of us that are fortunate enough (or unfortunate enough) to be rolling through security lines more than we would like to there are devices like the Aviiq Portable Charging Folio Mini that can help keep you organized and sane.

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Frequent travelers develop habits that help them keep their act together, one of which is having a very organized and compact technology bag. We all travel with laptops, iPads, speakers, mobile phones, etc. and this slick gadget provides a stylish and compact way to charge all your USB devices at once. No more rotating everything around your laptops USB ports or carrying all your cords/plugs all over the hotel room looking for outlets (which there are never enough of and any extra ones are impossible to get to).

Cable management, storage and organization are made simple with the Portable Charging Folio Mini. Its compact design features secure corner snaps that separate to transform the folio into a tabletop valet. Plug your power-hungry devices’ cables into the Folio’s streamlined 4-port hub and secure them with a simple coil and tuck into its elastic bungee system. A low-profile adaptor powers your hub and features a hideaway wall plug for easy stowing.

I’ve only taken this little guy on one trip so far, and have already found it to be extremely handy. I now consider this device an essential part of my travel gear.

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