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12 Trends In Electronic Music That Need To Vanish In 2014 - EDM Culture


12 Trends In Electronic Music That Need To Vanish In 2014 - EDM Culture

We wish everything could be all PLUR and all, but as electronic music gets bigger and bigger, it's every fan's responsibility to call out parts of the scene that make it less enjoyable for everyone. Why? Because it's really hard to enjoy yourself when a shirtless bro (on whatever he is on) is forcing a light show on you during Riff Raff's performance at the Mad Decent Bloc Party.

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There's just too much wrong in situations like those and it needs to be called out. Most of these were taken from readers' comments on our Facebook page. So, here are twelve trends fans of electronic dance music would like to see disappear in 2014-

Overuse Of The Word “Twerk”

Yes, this word has already burned out like a Roman Candle. It was funny at first, even endearing to ratchets everywhere… But when than corny monstrosity MLC started abusing it, well it was over like Disco when Saturday Night Fever hit.

The Same Damn Song

DJ’s if you all play the same tracks, the same hits, we are totally going to start calling you out. People pay top dollar to hear you dance around in front of your LED screen and not mix, the least you could do is play fresh shit and not the Beatport Top Ten. If it’s even on the top ten, don’t fucking play it.

Ghost Production

All good if you link up with someone on a track, just give them proper credit. If someone produces an entire track for you, and you take all the credit, You are a bitch-ass perpetrator. GTFOH.

Male Ratchetness

Don't get it twisted- being a ratchet is not a good thing. And lately, it seems like the more traditional female perpetrators are influencing the men. We've been seeing more and more male ratchets pop up at festivals. So to all the dudes who dress like a lesbian Skrillex, mosh to deep house, and go to shows to start fights- just don't.

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The Whoot Whoot Crew

Just hug each other in a circle and chant to your crew, quit yelling over the best parts of the tracks.


Listen, we are not telling you not to have a good time or what to take or not take but if you are going to partake in the taking… then don’t be an idiot. Controlled substances, alcohol, cigarettes, energy drinks, all that shit is extremely bad for you. If you take too much it will make you sick or kill you. If you want to be treated like adults, act like one and be responsible and educate yourself about what you are doing.


Let’s just explain this one before everyone jumps on the grenade here… Bro’s are not just frat guys, or muscle heads, or tank toppers, etc. The negative stereo type of “Bro” stems from guys that act entitled at festivals, are arrogant, have no idea how to behave in crowds, are generally rude, loud, annoying as all fuck and lack intelligence. They are often the guys that have no idea how to handle their party side. So if you are a bro, here’s a little note - everyone hates you and you make going to parties suck.

Paris Hilton

This is just over like a foam party, but she keeps on trying to make a comeback to whatever scene will take her in. Paris, maybe you should go back to your first 'artistic' venture - amateur porn.


You only live once? How are you even living when your wearing clothing that states a tired, played out catch phrase (would put on a "Bling Bling" cap? Didn't think so) that was used way too many times by Aubrey, aka Drizzy, aka "the softest rapper in the game".

Artists Going for the Commercial Crossover

You know who you are, keep making cheese and you will end up drowning in it.

Uneducated Scenesters

We get it, going the party is fun and so is hanging out with your friends. But if you are just going to party and don’t give a shit about the music it would be swell if you stopped going out and leave it to the people that actually know their shit.

Young Girls Dressing Like Porn Stars

Hot or not, wearing only your skimpy underwear with “furrys” makes you look like a desperate party slut. Are you really shocked when “bros” say rude shit to you? Dressing sexy is great, dressing like a hooker is not. You are the female version of a bro- a chickbro.

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