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5 Last Minute Gift Tips For Fans of Electronic Music - EDM Culture


5 Last Minute Gift Tips For Fans of Electronic Music - EDM Culture

Ok, you blew it! You vowed you were going to get all your shopping done before Christmas Week, but here you are on December 23rd, about to head out to the malls and big box retailers trying to find something cool for the special people in your life.

While it might be a little late to chase down specifics (keep in mind a lot of stores' inventories are running really low), here are a few shopping tips make sure you give the best possible last minute gifts for DJs and/or fans of electronic music.

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1. Who Are You Shopping For?

Making a quick mental profile of who you're shopping for is essential. It's important to think broad about what the person enjoys- say your nephew Jimmy likes electronic music, the lakers, and goes once a year to Coachella. Boom, you just got three potential gift ideas. Having these options will be very helpful once you get to a store and find a bunch of empty shelves.

2. Pick your stores wisely

Odds are you're not going to find gifts for fans of EDM at your local J.C. Penny's or Toys-R-Us. Try to pick stores that might have something for everyone, or at least kill two birds with one stone. Best Buy, Target and Urban Outfitters come to mind. A lot of times, these chain stores are within a central shopping area, so they should be near one another. Nothing is worse than holiday parking or traffic.

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3. Go General, but essential

Think "outside the box" on this one. What does the person you're shopping for truly need? Do they work on their music completely on their computer? Hard drives, sound cards, and portable mini keyboards are quick and easy to find gifts (Best Buy & Guitar Center should have the latter). Do they like to camp at festivals? Outdoor gear might be an option. Do they camp at festivals too much and maybe need spa day? Thinking this way deal with the "unintended consequences" of being a fan of electronic music.

4. Ask for help from the Right person

A lot of the big stores have seasonal staff. Avoid them. Find the person that is helping and communicating with the most customers. You might have to wait a little bit, but it will be well worth it. Tell them a little bit about who you're shopping for and what your budget is. The right employee will know their store's inventory, as well as what other people purchased as gifts. If you still can't find anything, use their advice to drum up new ideas.

5. Gift Certificates/Gift Cards

Yes, it's come down to the last resort- gift cards. But instead of running into the Gap, again take a second to think about what that person likes and put together a little gift package that's more of an experience than just money on plastic. A gift card at a local record store paired with a credit at a cafe down the street can be a great night out on the town.


As with any gift giving, it truly is the thought that counts. If you take a few moments and really consider the person your giving to, any gift, no matter how last minute or inexpensive, will be invaluable.

P.S.- Avoid anything that says "EDM" on it. As the legendary Simpsons character once said, "Disco Stu doesn't need to advertise".

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