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9 Gift Ideas for DJs Starting At Just $12 - EDM Culture


9 Gift Ideas for DJs Starting At Just $12 - EDM Culture

Whether related to, friends with, or in some form of courtship with a DJ, you will find out or (already know) that your music maestro is impossible to shop for. They live, eat, breath, sleep and repeat music for a living, which usually means what they tend to buy what they need for themselves. And if they don't have it, it's usually upwards of $1000. So you're pretty much in a pretty hard spot if you're trying to find some good gifts for them that are less than your monthly rent.

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Here at Magnetic, we know this, and we've got your back. We've put together a quick list of gift ideas most DJs might over look in their set up, or they just might actually really need and don't know it yet. Whether they are CDJ-DJs, laptop dudes, or the ever so fickle vinyl DJ, here are some gift ideas that will definitely make their year.

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