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9 Rare Photos Of Ibiza In The 1980s - EDM Culture


9 Rare Photos Of Ibiza In The 1980s - EDM Culture

If you happen to be in London through the winter, the Institute of Contemporary Arts is exhibiting Ibiza: Moments In Love, a retrospective of EDM culture's epicenter in the 1980s. Here's a brief description from the ICA's website:

The exhibition highlights the work of two great and almost completely unheralded visual artists. Yves Uro was the freehand illustrator and graphic artist of hundreds of posters for Ku. Armin Heinemann was the owner of Paula's Ibiza, a maverick fashion boutique based on the island. Uro and Heinemann's work was world class but created solely for local purposes. It has rarely been exhibited before.

The exhibition also features a set of previously unpublished pictures by the British photographer Derek Ridgers taken at Ku in 1984.

Curated by IDEA Books with the support of 2manydjs and the Wild Life Archive.

Music supervision for the exhibition by Phil Mison and Paul Byrne for

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The following photos are taken from UK photographer Derek Ridgers' collection and were selected from those originally published by the the The ICA exhibit highlights the art, fashion and music of the emerging dance culture scene on the island at that time. It runs through Jan. 26th, 2014.

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