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An Exclusive House Music Podcast From Maximiljan; Virtues EP With Tapesh Out Now Via Mobilee


An Exclusive House Music Podcast From Maximiljan; Virtues EP With Tepesh Out Now Via Mobilee

Maximiljan, a German house and techno DJ, recently recorded an exclusive-to-Magnetic hour long podcast representative of the sounds and styles found on his new Virtues EP he recorded with Tepesh. It's a smooth blend of some really solid hand picked tracks.

Check it out-

Prior to the Virtues EP, both Maximiljan and Tapesh were known individually for releases on some of the worlds most well respected house labels such as Defected Records, Noir Music and Mobilee. This is the pairs first joint release through Mobilee.

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Tapesh's flamboyant style, influenced by his love for breakdance, funk and acid house combined with Maximiljan's innovative touch makes the perfect partnership. Already being hammered by DJ's across the globe, the title track 'Virtues' is a funky industrial number with prominent acid house influences that Tapesh say influenced him so much in his early career. Atmospheric and deep, the EP's four tracks are powerful grooves for the club; with heavy bass and heart-beat drum kick guaranteed to get the crowd flowing.

Take a listen-

Track listing
1. Virtues (Original Mix) Tapesh & Maximiljan
2. Strings Attached (Original Mix) Tapesh & Maximiljan
3. Confess (Original Mix) Tapesh & Maximiljan
4. Signals (Original Mix) Tapesh & Maximiljan

You can purchase the track on iTunes here.


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