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Best Of 2013: Top 10 Techno Tracks - EDM News

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By: Kirk Williams

Best Of 2013: Top 10 Techno Tracks - EDM News

2013 was a year that sounded wonderful. It was full of amazing albums across the musical spectrum, all rife with innovation, creativity, and fun as the crucial focal point. I’m sad to see it go, but I’m excited to see where we’re all going. Techno had a big year, and this list will highlight those that arguably had the biggest year of all.

MAGNETIC RECOMMENDS: Year End Best Of 2013 Overall

1. “Pursuit” Gesaffelstein, Vinyl Factory
Aggressive, raw, relentless, and it’s got quite the music video… It was a huge year for this Frenchman with a new album, headlining sets, and he threw down with Yeezus. Bravo, bravo.

2. “Inhale/Exhale” Boys Noize, Boysnoize Records
He wasn’t quiet this year, and Inhale/Exhale was a standout on the Go Hard EP. Powerful and monstrous, this darkly beguiling song is a perfect sonic adaptation of Frankenstein.

3. “Nothing But Pleasure” Tom Rowlands, Phantasy Sound
If we can’t have both of the Chemical Brothers in 2013, we’ll gladly settle for a something golden from one half. It hits hard, builds big, and proves Tom Rowlands is a master at his craft.

4. “Higher” Destructo, OWSLA/Boysnoize Records
The head honcho of HARD clearly is not content with just putting on amazing festivals, this banger proved his aspirations in twenty thirteen and beyond are much higher...

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5. “Static” Justin Jay, Dirtybird Records
This is only the beginning for this Dirtybird Player. Static has tremendous energy, but with a subtlety that intrigues, engages, and refreshes.

6. “Drums in the deep” Cirez D, Mouseville Records
2013 should change its name to the year of the Prydz. With a solid sample from Lord of the Rings, this dark brand of techno from Cirez D is amazing live, so make it a priority to see this man in 2014.

7. “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat” Fatboy Slim, Riva Starr & Beardymann, Skint Records
One of the best collaborations of the year, the lyrics are hilarious and the chorus is quickly becoming the motto of a generation.

8. “The Gettup” Eats Everything & Justin Martin, Dirtybird Records
These two have quite the friendship, and they both crushed Ibiza this summer. This crown jewel shows they took Sankeys for all it was worth with their Dirtybird residency.

9. “Let’s Go Dancing” Tiga Vs Audion, Turbo Recordings
It’s a song that encapsulates the calm before the storm of an amazing night out on the town. It’s trippy, fun, and you need to hear all of the remixes too...

10. “UNICAT” Mr. Oizo
He put out another movie, he rectified his visa issues and threw down across America, and his free Amicalement EP is sonic philanthropy. Mr. Oizo is innovative, creative, absurd, and most of all, he’s great techno.

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