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deadmau5 Officially Launches 'Suckscription' Service - EDM News

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deadmau5 Officially Launches 'Suckscription' Service - EDM News

Electronic music producer deadmau5 has announced today (December 20) the official launch of his new online service,, a digital destination he personally architected for fans to get direct access to premium content and intimate experiences.

deadmau5, who has teamed with Upfront, is breaking the mold by building this fan-centric platform. Here’s how the artist and producer himself breaks it down. The service goes live today just in time for the holidays. It's available on the web at the above url, and it's also part of a downloadable desktop application for Mac and PC. Native mobile apps for iOs, Android, and Windows Phone will follow in March 2014, but music fans can begin enjoying the service right now.

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An account is free and with it, users may sign-in, listen to 30-second clips, read all of the latest deadmau5 and Meowingtons news, view photos, and even experience live streams. Meanwhile, a paid subscription boasts a myriad of exclusive features and benefits. The majority of live streams will remain exclusive for subscribers only. These include but aren't limited to tutorials from deadmau5, screen sharing, events and concerts. Moreover, they will have access to full-length songs, which may also be downloadable.

Then, there's the aptly dubbed "MSG BOREDS.” It's just like it sounds. As deadmau5 puts it, "Everyone can enter and lurk, but only 'suckscribers' can post." He will occasionally make appearances there to in order to say hi and engage in stimulating conversations.

The most revolutionary feature is the "CHAT.” It's a groundbreaking approach that allows paid users to be voiced and chat away. Non-subscribers can watch, but not speak. In addition, once a chat is announced, the service will randomly select four users for a designated period of time and allow them to chat with deadmau5.

Paying subscribers can also expect lots of downloadable content [DLC] from the deadmau5 studio.

"Suckscriptions" are available now.

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