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EDM Legends DJ Irene & Paul Oakenfold Respond To Paris Hilton - EDM News


EDM Legends Paul Oakenfold & DJ Irene Respond To Paris Hilton's Claim To Be A 'One Of The Top 5 DJs' - EDM News

Paris Hilton's recent claim that she is one of the "top 5" DJs has been making some waves in EDM culture since the video first surfaced yesterday.  Seemingly, most fans and electronic music artists have been laughing it off, recognizing the absurdity of the statement.

However, it's good to see some of the bigger names in the industry rejecting Hilton's boasting.  Paul Oakenfold, an early pioneer of dance music, was initially shocked at the claim and went on to say "I haven't heard her DJ, but she's not one of the top 5..."

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Los Angeles based DJ Irene, who was one of the first women to gain success in electronic dance music, took a more poised stance on Facebook post letting it be known:

I made this road for all the other females DJs in this world. There was a time, when nobody would give the respect to a female DJ until I came along and rocked the world with Dj Irene EDM! After all this hard work, it comes down to this- Paris Hilton making a statement 'I'm one of the Top 5 Dj's in the World'. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! PARIS is the TOP 5 WORST DJ'S IN THE WORLD!!! LETS BATTLE PARIS HILTON, I WILL SHOW YOU WHAT A REAL DJ IS ALL ABOUT!"

The World's Number One DJ, aka the number one DJ in the world, Hardwell, has not commented yet.

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