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Eoto And ill.Gates At the Fonda Theater In Hollywood - EDM News


By: Taylor Barnes

Eoto And ill.Gates At the Fonda Theater In Hollywood - EDM News

Electronic jam band Eoto and bass music's computer-wiz ill.Gates brought their insane live show to the Fonda Theatre in LA.

Local artist Noncoding won the mix competition to open the show, and kicked the night off with some sweet, soulful acapellas over glitchy, bass heavy beats.

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ill.Gates hit the stage next showcasing his newest live setup with a wide variety of midi-controllers including the midi fighter. Gates used a go pro attached to his computer to film himself hammering out complex drum patterns on his midi fighter and then fed the video to a projector behind him so that the audience could appreciate this incredible live aspect of his performance. Considering how many lazy DJ's there are out there (we're looking at you Aoki), it's refreshing to see someone bringing a live performance aspect to EDM. When not using his midi fighter, Gates both DJ-ed and controlled the visuals during his set, an impressive feat to say the least.

Eoto closed out the event, showcasing their massive stage production dubbed "The Lotus" surrounding the duo with giant lotus petals which appeared to move with the music while displaying variety of extremely intricate patterns and designs. While ill.Gates injected his EDM heavy set with a healthy dose of live finger-drumming, Eoto seemed to do the opposite using EDM influences to create an impressive, completely improvised jam band experience.

The overall vibe of the event was extremely friendly and welcoming. It's not everyday that bumping into someone while moving through a crowd is universally met with a pat on the back and a genuine smile, yet almost every event thrown by The Do Lab seems to be successful in cultivating such an environment.

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