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Gear Gift Guide: The Top 5 Headphones For That Perfect Someone


Gear Gift Guide: The Top 5 Headphones For That Perfect Someone

So it’s that time of year where you have to buy someone special something special or you have a gift card burning a hole in your pocket. As we all become mobile music nuts the headphone category has become increasingly difficult to navigate, there are just sooooo many. What headphones are the best? Why are some way to expensive? Do I really need wireless headphones? Well here is a short list of some of our favorites that we have used extensively both at the office and personally. We get a lot of headphones and these are the standouts of the bunch for each category/target gift profile.

Hopefully this will help you find the pair of cans that’s right for your special someone…

The Music Fan

So you if don’t want to spend a truckload of money but you really want to get the music fan in your life a pair of great sounding headphones (or maybe yourself) these are the ticket. The SOL Republic Tracks model is one of the best around for the money. Great sound for $99… is it possible? Yes and not only do they sound great they also can take a beating and keep on delivering. Only bummer is that the wires are a little cheap, but you can replace those easily too if they break.

SOL Republic Tracks
MSRP $99

Gear Gift Guide: The Top 5 Headphones For That Perfect Someone

The DJ / Music Fan

The Danish company AiAiAi has managed to design not only one of the coolest looking headphones out there but one of the most versatile. It’s great for DJing and also works as a consumer headphone complete with carrying case and extra wire with mic/remote. On the DJ side of the spectrum it comes with a detachable 1/4 inch adapter, DJ cable that locks in and 2 sets of earpads (1 leather and 1 synthetic). The TMA-1 not only sounds incredible but it's also incredibly durable and can take a lot of abuse due to its one piece construction. This is a rare double edged sword that can keep both a DJ and everyday listener happy.

AiAiAi TMA-1 DJ Headphone
MSRP $199

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Gear Gift Guide: The Top 5 Headphones For That Perfect Someone

The Music Snob

The V-Moda M-100s just continue to win awards and praise in the audio world and it’s very well deserved. These are beautifully designed headphones that don’t make any compromises. The construction is top shelf using no plastic anywhere on the headphone's body and the sound quality is impeccable. Crystal clear highs, crisp mid range and precise low end… not too bass heavy. These are for the person that is conscious of what not only goes in their ears, but what goes on them as well, and the M-100s deliver big time. So if you have the extra scratch, nothing will make your audiophile music snob happier this holiday season.

V-Moda M-100s
MSRP $310

Gear Gift Guide: The Top 5 Headphones For That Perfect Someone

The On The Go Music Fan

We were first introduced to the Jabra Revo Wireless about 3 months ago and since then have been using them regularly as our go to wireless solution. The headphones are comfortable, lightweight and sound really solid. One of our favorite features is the touch control on the side of the ear cup that lets you change the volume and skip/rewind functions with a simple sweep of the finger. This touch feature takes a little getting used to but once you get it down it’s fantastic and allows effortless control while you are on the move. The Revo connects easily to your device and also has a mic built in so you can take calls on them as well. The headphones come with a charging cable, a wired cable so you can use them when you run out of juice and a carrying sack. The headphones are compact and fold up nicely to stow in your hipster rucksack or messenger bag. Great for New Yorkers and other super mobile people.

Jabra Revo Wireless
MSRP $249

Gear Gift Guide: The Top 5 Headphones For That Perfect Someone

The Hardcore DJ

The Beats Pro are the ultimate tank of a headphone and one of the most, if not the most, well constructed and durable pro headphones we have ever used. They get loud, they fold up, they have a decent case, a coiled cable and removable quarter inch adapter - everything a DJ needs. The sound is solid and well balanced for the pro DJ who really needs crisp highs and pounding lows in order to mix properly. I’ve seen dudes rocking these around town but can’t say that I would ever recommend doing that with the Pros, they are just too damn big and bass heavy for every day listening, these are for DJing and maybe as studio monitors for bassier music. So if you have a DJ in your life and have a lot of extra dough, these definitely say I LOVE YOU or I'm buying my way onto your permanent guest list.

Beats Pro
MSRP $449

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