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Henry Fong Shares 5 Tips For Producers And DJs - EDM News

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Henry Fong Shares 5 Tips For Producers And DJs - EDM News

Henry Fong is on the up & blowing UP this year. He's dropped a couple of remixes and now has a new track with the one and only MAKJ.

He was kind enough to break off five tips for new producers on his Facebook page, all of which seem to be pretty sound advice. There are no magic spells here, expect for one that many forget to try- HARD WORK.

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Take a read, then hit the studio-

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My top 5 tips for new producers and DJs:

1. Avoid remix contests, they are often rigged or people cheat to get votes. Work on originals or another remix that 1000 people aren't doing at once

2. Avoid entering contests where you send in mixes to open for big DJs, that time could be better spent working on your own original music in order to establish your name in the long run

3. Learn to market yourself and how to drive traffic to your Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud

4. Learn the piano before worrying about complicated vsts and technology! Learning the scales, chords, and theory will help with your melodies, the integral part of a lot of big tracks

5. Don't spam other DJs with your links in the comment sections on soundcloud, youtube, or facebook. Messages are ok most of the time.

These may not work for everyone, but this is what I found to be helpful along the way!

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Check out the video for his new song/Video with MAKJ "Encore"

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