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Hollywood Has A Wild Night On Infected Mushrooms- EDM News

Hollywood Has A Wild Night On Infected Mushrooms- EDM News

It is now two days past the Infection of Los Angeles, and I am still attempting to gather my thoughts in an orderly fashion, from the revelation I bore witness to on Saturday night at Hollywood's famous Avalon Theatre. Guitar, drums, and a keyboard are a rare sighting in EDM culture, frequently the crowd is captivated by a singular form, often remaining behind lifted decks atop a larger-than-life stage. But not here, not tonight. Tonight is a celebration of music, in its truest and most adorned form. Tonight, we become infected.

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As the crowd fills in the dance floor and the upper levels populate, the muffled intermission music dissipates and the backdrop of the stage begins to rise; slowly revealing two massive pods, instruments and a futuristic conductors stand center stage. As the lights fade near to complete darkness, the pods begin their transformation from stark white to neon green. The mushroom fields appear behind them, turning the entire stage into a forest of giant illuminated mushrooms, and then with a strum of the electric guitar and a steady drum beat- we begin our two hour journey.

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The drops are replaced with drums, the heavy melodies with hard hitting vocals, and the dramatic riffs with the strings of a guitar. This is not your typical night out under the neon lights and electric sounds. This is Infected Mushroom… this is psy-trance. Rock, electronica, trance, all come together and form a truly unique sound- pleasing to the ears and nearly impossible not to move to. The pods of the stage seem to shift and transform with every beat- changing from gears to interchanging circles of light, and from water formations to the endless abyss of the galaxy- seamlessly taking each and every one of us through a visionary story of music. Israel-bred duo Amit Duvdevani "Duvdev" and Erez Eisen present the crowd with a marriage between eastern & western sounds, perfectly and completely encompassing their self-invented genre. Newer releases including 'I Shine' and 'Send Me An Angel' from Army of Mushrooms were combined with the latest and greatest 'Savant on Mushrooms' from 2013's Friends on Mushrooms Vol 2. -- But nothing brought down the house harder than when the crowd was pushed down memory lane as hits from the famous albums 'Vicious Delicious' [2007] & 'IM The Supervisor' dropped.

I can undoubtedly and without reservation say that 'Cities of the Future' is a track that truly defines this genre, and 'Becoming Insane' similarly defines the sound, the invention which Infected Mushroom is. To this day, those tracks infuse the mind with visions of music. Having the ability to see what music looks like is a unique power all in it's own; Few have been able to accomplish such a phenomena, and far less have been able to do it as well as Infected Mushroom Two hours came and went, and at the end- we left in awe. The closing of the show was just as intense as the beginning- the guitar went on and on, impressively creating waves of electricity throughout the halls, the minimal drum beat steadying the soundwaves, and the soft hums intimately pressing through the microphone. The crowd is warmly thanked for attending, and I can't help but think to myself- it should be the other way around.

Infected Mushroom is a game changer in EDM culture- they always have been. I will continue to see every show I can, until there are no more shows to see. Every story is different, every sound is unique. The only constant in this game, is change.

Since their inception in 1996, Infected Mushroom has traveled the world, delivering their self-invented genre of rocktronica/psy-trance to millions of fans. Though based in Los Angeles, CA their roots come from Israel. They have been ranked twice as the world's "Ten Best D's" by U.K DJ Magazine, have created 11 hugely successful albums, multiple singles and chart topping hits. They have been described as some of the most humble acts in the scene, as well as the most outwardly fun. Over the years, their sounds have evolved, but have never fully wandered from their base.

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