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How To Get Music Bloggers To Notice You - EDM News

How To Get Music Bloggers To Notice You - EDM News

It's tough getting your music posted on blogs these days, there are a lot of forces at play. A friend of mine brought this incredibly insightful post to my attention yesterday. One of the editors over at Earmilk, Alyce Currier, ran a piece on her individual blog where she gives some overall tips on how to get your music posted on Le blogs. Here are some highlights that we at Magnetic find important-

1. Know how to send a great email / press release, make it personalized.

2. Invite a blogger to yours or your artist's events.

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3. Maintain a good relationship with a blogger who supports your work.

4.Proofread all emails before sending anything out.

While you're at it, might as well look at this- 5 Tips On How To Get Your Music Posted On Magnetic. If your music is good and you stay dedicated, it will get attention.

Source: Medium

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