Iheartraves Creates Raver Dating Site Plurmingle, Hilarity Ensues - EDM Culture

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Just when you thought the world of EDM couldn't get crazier, Iheartraves created Plurmingle, a dating site geared towards ravers.

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It's clear from their video ad that the creators of Plurmingle don't take themselves too seriously. The video features the same cliche background music used in harmony commercials as well as a copious amount of rave puns and sexual innuendo including gloving references and various substance related humor.

The most cringe-inducing moment of the video is when the girl from the trance couple attempts to sing (seriously, it's like nails on a chalkboard), although the glover guy licking his glasses is definitely a close second.

Additionally, the video went a little overboard in their portrayal of the quintessential substance-user. What was intended to be your typical substance abusing raver turned into a full-blown case of mental retardation, and as we all know, you never go full retard.

Like all dating sites this one is sure to be full of fake profiles and an overabundance of men, but if nothing else the site and its advertisement are worth checking out for a good laugh.

Check out Plurmingle's video ad below.


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