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Magnetic Podcast: Deeply Chilled (Deep Melodic House Music) - EDM Download

Magnetic Podcast: Deeply Chilled (Deep Melodic House Music) - EDM Download

This weeks podcast is really just straight up deep and melodic house music that will keep you out of Grinch mode. There are a couple of older cuts this time but for the most part it’s all brand new electronic music. I threw in a cut to honor mister Nelson Mandela, a classic remix of The Specials you music heads will recognize right away.

This playlist is of course inspired by the season as we are all winding down a bit and starting to reflect on the last year we just finished up. It’s been a big year for electronic music, lots of new fans, lots of new artists and more festivals than I can even keep track of anymore - time for a break.

So grab some Egg Nog (spiked I hope) and settle in by the fire (if you don’t have a fire place, pretend) and just vibe on these tunes. I hope you enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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Deeply Chilled - Mixed by David Ireland (Magnetic/Camoflaug3)

Song / Artist

1. Unknown, "Xenia Beliayeva, Ilya Demin"
2. Ride On (vocals by Shawnecy), Beatamines & Pornbugs
3. Rise Of Angel (Andrea Oliva Remix), Luciano
4. Mantrap, Qbeck
5. And The Beat, Mario Aureo
6. Mambo-Jambo, David Keno
7. Nelson Mandela (Wonderlove's Re-edit)
8. Roane Toaken (feat Eva Serena) (Original Mix), Mees Dierdorp
9. Read All About It (Stefan Biniak Bootleg), Emeli Sandé
10.Time Won't Let Us Stop (Original Mix), Andycap

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