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Magnetic's 2013 Best Of The Year - EDM News


Magnetic's 2013 Best Of The Year - EDM News

2013 was a pretty massive year for electronic dance music. If you weren't having fun, you weren't going to the right parties.

That statement applies whether you follow the mainstream or more underground sounds. Yeah the festivals were off the charts, but if warehouses were more your thing, we think the scene was equally as vibrant.

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This is our list of the "Best Of 2013". There were no polls, no publicist input, no politics- this is a list of what we were feeling this year.

We've also been rolling out our Best of 2013 charts for the house, techno, trance, future funk/world, bass, and electro/progressive genres. Take a look at those if you'd like to see the songs that had us moving in 2013. The final few will be posting today and tomorrow.

We had a blast, and we'd like to thank all of our readers for staying with us this year. Here's to 2013 and and even better 2014!

Here is Magnetic's Best of 2013-

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