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Om Unit's Top 5 Production Tools - EDM News


Om Unit's Top 5 Production Tools - EDM News

Om Unit has been making a big name for himself in the world of bass music. This year he released his debut album 'Threads', and his label Cosmic Bridge has been gaining notoriety in the scene thanks to artists like Kromestar and Danny Scrilla. Now, the former DMC World DJ Championships finalist gives us the run down on some of his favorite production tools.


1. Steinberg Cubase DAW

"This is the brain. It's what I've used for years and it just keeps improving in a very natural way. I recently switched to Mac and it's certainly way more stable on the OSX platform, too. People like to debate about DAWs; personally I find Cubase to be the least fiddly."

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2. SoundToys EchoBoy delay plugin

"A friend of mine showed me this. In fact, the SoundToys plugins are some of the best I’ve heard of late. The EchoBoy is without a doubt the most tweakable delay I've come across. It's very versatile and can be used for all kinds of modulation effects, as well as the good-old tape-echo-style stuff too."

3. Access Virus B synth

"A modern classic, I guess they call it? Who knows? I keep coming back to this unit. It's just full of great functions for making sounds. It has some great modulation settings and the oscillators have a sound of their own. It's a unique tool, for sure, and one I won't be parting with any time soon."

4. Mathew Lane DrMS spatial processor

"A bit of a wildcard, this one. This gets nowhere near enough love in the conversation about stereo processing. The functions for tweaking the stereo field in this are the deepest you'll find at this point, in my humble opinion. I’ve started using it all over tracks and it's certainly helping me go deeper into stereo work."

5. Serato DJ software

"This is the end of the process- from my own work, to stuff I get sent. It's still a part of the production process for me because I can test my own work out instantly in a DJ environment. Essential!"

Source: Beatport

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