Paris Hilton Shares Her NYE 2014 DJ Playlist - EDM News


Paris Hilton Shares Her NYE 2014 DJ Playlist - EDM News

Check out the New Year’s Eve party playlist below curated ('curated', really?) by Paris Hilton so anyone can ring in the new year with Paris as a world-class DJ!

In a departure from her billion dollar empire, Paris Hilton has been employing people to work hard so she can look like a cool DJ! In early 2013, she paid-off Birdman to sign on with Cash Money Records (after Warner Bros. dropped her), and in October laid a turd featuring Lil Wayne and produced by Afrojack (the man guilty of dating Hiton and giving her DJ 'lessons').

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The full album, produced entirely on Beamz By Flo Rida, will be released in 2014. Since ruining the reputation of Amnesia in Ibiza this summer, Paris has been busy shopping and fighting with Lindsay Lohan while RedOne is in the studio working on the album or something.

Paris brings her longtime passion for money, specifically, money made from electronic music, as she stays very involved throughout the creative process- she picked all the colors for the album art! Paris has curated (there's that big word again) an exclusive playlist so everyone can experience her as a world-class DJ for their New Year’s Eve parties!

From Avicii classics to Paris Hilton classics to Avicii classics, here is Paris Hilton's NYE 2014 playlist-

“Ring in 2014 with Paris Hilton” – Track Listing:

01.  "Good Time" - Paris Hilton
02.  "Animals" (Paris Hilton's 92 kbps mp3 Version) - Martin Garrix
03.  That one song I have to play in Ibiza cause David Guetta pays me
04.  "Levels" - Avicii
05.  Um, can I just play that levels song again? It's my fav...
06.  "Stars Are Blind" - Paris Hilton
07.  That Daft Punk song about music feeling so free and celebrating or something
08.  "Fatboy Slim Song About Raving A Lot" - Fat Boy Slim
09.  "YMCA" (Paris Hilton's All I Did Was Make It Seem Longer Edit)" Village People
10.  "Alive" (Hardwell Remix) - Krewella
11.  Um, what would Steve Aoki play here? Can someone call Steve?
12.  Some song by a black guy
13.  "Clarity" Zedd
14.   Like the song with drums and pianos but no words goes here
15.  "What Makes You Beautiful" - One Direction
16.  "Sexy And I Know It" - LMFAO
17.  Ok, I'm having that sound guy mixing for me play "Levels" Again
18.  "If I Lose Myself" (Alesso vs OneRepublic) - OneRepublic, Alesso
19.  ERMAHGAD, this is hard
20.  Some of that cool dubstep stuff or what my publicist says.

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