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Resident Advisor's Top DJs Of 2013 Poll Results Released - EDM News


Resident Advisor's Top DJs Of 2013 Poll Results Released - EDM News

For those of you still hurt because your favorite DJs didn't make the DJ Mag Top 100, fear not- Resident Advisor has just released the results of their Top DJs of 2013 poll.The poll is conducted over three days, with registered users of Resident Advisor allowed to vote for just three of their favorite DJs.

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According to RA's post their "annual poll is a culmination of countless nights out, experienced by people from every corner of the scene. Everyone choses 'the best' in different ways, but the collective voice should tell us who was moving dance floors the most in 2013."

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The Top 10 are counted down below. For the complete results, click here.

10. Ben UFO

We'd wager that Ben UFO thinks more closely about DJing than anyone else on this list. From his technical prowess and thirst for new music, to his peerless sequencing and ever-evolving taste, it's tough to think of anyone who better embodies the tenets of the form. It's kept his growing fanbase engaged and guessing, and landed him in the top ten for the first time this year, proving that a niche approach can mean widespread appeal.

09. Jamie Jones

Jamie Jones, you might say, is here for a good time. Think of the catchy basslines that anchor his sets, the full-on pop he makes with Hot Natured, or the summery aesthetic that follows him everywhere—a party called Paradise, a label called Hot Creations, a logo with a palm tree on it. In everything he does, Jones helps inject unpretentious good vibes into dance music. It's no wonder he's struck such a chord.

08. Loco Dice

Loco Dice stepped out of his comfort zone in 2013. With a mix CD for Defected and the launch of Used + Abused at Ushüaia, he risked widening his global appeal so much that he alienated his core fans. In the end, however, Dice's appeal boils down to one thing: his DJing. From headline slots at the Warehouse Project to a much-lauded return to DC-10, it's his visceral, pumping take on house and techno that's landed him a well-deserved fifth-straight position in the top ten.

07. Ricardo Villalobos

Asked how he stays inspired after so many years of parties, Ricardo Villalobos once said, "It's the motivation of a little kid who is playing in the sand for hours and hours, or playing soccer for ten hours with other kids." On a good night, you can sense this in him. Grinning at the crowd, giggling with his friends, cutting between records with his trademark panache, it's clear there's nothing he'd rather be doing.

06. Maceo Plex

Versatile. There's no better word to describe Maceo Plex over the past 12 months. As comfortable releasing a DJ-Kicks compilation as he is spinning ear-splitting techno, it was Ibiza that acted as the most fertile stomping ground for the man from Miami. Residencies at Circoloco and ENTER. spoke to both sides of his sonic persona, carving him out a reputation as the island's go-to-guy for '90s throwback house, militant Detroit electro and everything in between.

05. Seth Troxler

Who else would strip down to plug a festival? Seth Troxler may be pure personality, but you don't top the RA poll—and hold fast in the top five the year after—by goofballishness alone. His carefree 'tude in 2013 belied a lot of hard work and countless miles logged. As he reportedly cedes some Visionquest duties to focus on new labels and original music, he shows no signs of descending from this altitude.

04. Ben Klock

Why was that being boiled video such a hit? Probably because Ben Klock's style of techno couldn't be further from the buzzes, bloops and general absurdity of that clip. Still, as hard as Klock goes, he always does it with a smile on his face, lifting the crowd rather than pummelling them. That buoyancy has boosted him one spot over last year, and as his rise continues, he'll keep bringing his light touch to the heaviest of tunes.

03. Richie Hawtin

More than almost anyone else on this list, Richie Hawtin embodies something very dear to electronic music: the future. From his seminal records as Plastikman, to his pioneering of digital DJing, to his game-changing Minus label and, more recently, his boldly curated ENTER. party, Hawtin's achievements have always been driven by a desire to push things forward. It's this creative restlessness that makes him inspiring, and that's kept him near the top of this list year after year.

02. Tale Of Us

Surprised? You're probably not the only one. But when you stop to consider Tale Of Us's achievements this year—from a classy Renaissance Mix to electrifying residencies at ENTER. and Circoloco in Ibiza—their continued rise makes total sense. Throw in two of 2013's biggest tracks—"Another Earth" and their remix of Mano Le Tough's "Primitive People"—and a silver medal place feels very much deserved. Not bad for a duo who only broke onto the scene in 2010.

01. Dixon

Dixon's beliefs have always been clear. When he started to make waves in 2007, after years spent honing his craft in Berlin, the talk was of a DJ who used melodies, vocals and warmth to tell his story. Six years later, and these guiding principles are firmer than ever. He may have an easily defined approach, but Dixon's sets throw up some interesting contradictions—the music he plays is accessible, but he retains underground credibility; his performances at once feel safe and unpredictable. It's this singular sense of balance that has seen his global appeal widen year after year.

The platform for Dixon's ascent has been Innervisions, the label he runs with Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer of Âme. Since starting out as a Sonar Kollektiv sub-label back in 2005, the imprint has become a collective embodiment of their musical identity. Time and again, Innervisions has released standout tracks imbued with hooks, emotions and songwriting, many of which—"Envision," "Howling," "Gotham"—have been enormous club hits. This aesthetic was best experienced in 2013 at Lost In A Moment, the Innervisions event series. This title was only used for the first time this year, and it felt telling: it was as though they'd finally figured out a name for their mission. Dixon has made an art out of creating transcendent dance floor moments, and it's the reason he's at number one in our poll this year.

Source: Resident Advisor

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