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Ricky Vaughn Releases Sample Packs For "Moombah God" and "Twerk Ambassador" - EDM News

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Ricky Vaughn Releases Sample Packs For "Moombah God" and "Twerk Ambassador" - EDM News

Ricky Vaughn has just released sample packs for his songs "Moombah God" and "Twerk Ambassador". Currently, the packs are on sale for $10 less than their normal price thanks to a Black Friday Sale.

Vaughn had this to say about the packs,

"All the music provided was intended to give you the general idea of what goes into making these styles of music and for you to pick up where i left off. Here’s a few things to keep in mind as you start using these sounds for your productions.

1 . Be Creative! Use these loops and sounds as a starting point and feel free to add and manipulate the sounds as much as you like.

2 / Learn Proper Mixing Techniques. I use 3rd party plugins like Fab FIlter to EQ/Mix/Master my music. There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube that can help you find the plugins that work for you and achieve that crisp professional sound.

3 / Have Fun! If your not jumping up and down in your seat excited from what the music sounds like then its not right. Don’t let it become “work”, remember to take breaks and rest your ears.

Hope this all helps! Can’t wait to hear what you guys all come up with!"

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Preview the sample packs below.

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