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Spotify Announces Free Streaming Services On Mobile Devices - EDM News

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Spotify Announces Free Streaming Services On Mobile Divices - EDM News

For the everyday day listener, it's become pretty clear that consumers are shifting from downloading to streaming their music. Youtube is now the go to source for many when it comes to music on demand, and streaming services like Spotify and Pandora are now the market leaders in a market segment where a tech giant like Apple is playing catch up.

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With more and more music fans listening to music on their mobile devices, Spotify is now allowing for subscribers that wish to do so to listen for free. Here's what Mixmag had to say about it:

nitially a desktop only experience, Spotify has reacted to reduced desktop subscriptions, giving tablet and phone users access to their 20 million song library. To coincide with the new announcement, the company has also rolled out "Spotify Shuffle". A new feature which enables users to listen to random songs from an artist’s back catalogue, Spotify Shuffle is the ideal match for listening on the move.

There is one catch though - the free service does contain advertising, so you’ll have to shell out £10 a month for uninterrupted tunes.

Source: Mixmag

All in all, not a bad way to get access to music on the go.

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