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Style Of Eye Featuring Soso- "Kids" - New Electronic Music

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Style of Eye and Soso team up once again on "Kids", delivering another powerful track with playful IDGAF sultry vocals backed with progressive house music. It's a big track for sure, featuring all the elements you've come to expect from the Swedish producer and nawt-rock vocalist. Here's what our homies over at had to say about it-

Style Of Eye Featuring Soso- "Kids" - New Electronic Music

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The vocals provided by Soso describe, somewhat humorously at first, “generic hipster[s] with no sex appeal” before becoming briefly somber. “You hurt yourself today to see if you still feel.” Of course, Style of Eye isn’t here to take the fun away. In fact, the Swedish producer drives these true-to-life highs and lows with spirited synths and dub step breaks, resulting in an outpour of energy that can play big at any festival.

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