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Top 10 Dubstep Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music


By: Dwight Noise

Top 10 Dubstep Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music

Hey all! BlahBlahBlahEarlyChristmasClichÈBlahBlahBlah
This week I have a bunch of amazing tracks, including some by heads in the game that haven't been heard yet. I hope you enjoy them, and I wish you Happy Holidays!

1. "Jingle Bells" Boyinaband
Let's start off festive! I imagine you're staring daggers at me right now, and, I know, Christmas dubstep? Calm yourself. It's Boyinaband, and you know that means supreme quality.

2. "Rootz" Juakali
"If ya can't fly, plant seed grow ROOTS!" Juakali's new release, "Feathers Too Bright" is solid from start to end.

3. "Burn Up (Dabin Remix)" Rollz ft. Katie's Ambition
I'm a huge fan of the wall of sound lovestep type of song, and oh my goodness is this tune a banger. A perfect mix of beautiful serenity and teary-eyed heaviness.

4. "Avalanches" Alma feat. Sound Remedy & Kill Paris
Speaking of lovestep! There aren't enough notifications for me to set for any track Kill Paris is involved in. I don't mean to downplay Sound Remedy or Alma in any way, because this is a beautiful piece of work by all three.

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5. "Military" WoogieWubs
These days, I see the word "filthy" being thrown around for a lot for tracks that sound like someone a recording handful of spoons being put in a blender and then putting sausage fattener over it. No. This new song by WoogieWubs is straight FITLHY. Raw beats with rawer spits, with rawer still murky basslines. Get a listen in and put the spoons away.

6. "A Song of Fire and Ice" (Vendetta's Chasing Nothing Remix), Just a Gent ft. Sarah Stone
Have I mentioned how much I love lovestep? Okay, so I have. Well, this track is a truely well designed beauty. Vendetta is certainly a name to watch out for from now on.

7. "The Perfect Drug" (Crucial Taunt Remix), Nine Inch Nails
NIN is one of those bands that you do not remix unless you absolutely know what you're doing. Crucial Taunt clearly knew how to perfectly compliment this classic tune. I greatly respect that this is the kind of remix a diehard NIN fan or a person who has never even heard of them can get down to equally.

8. "Abyss" Tron Sepia
This duo from Montreal classify themselves as "cinematic dubstep" and it's incredibly apt. Haunting, entrancing, captivating, adjectives, etc. This is quite possibly some of the most unique music I've heard in a long time.

9. "Twerk" (Clyde Machine Remix), Diamond Pistols ft. Anna Yvette
This snarling, aggressive remix is certainly not at all what I expected out of a song called "Twerk" and that's completely okay. Keep your eye, ear, mouse, or binoculars firmly pointed at Clyde Machine.

10. "Anymore" Helicopter Showdown
I actually said, "WHOAAAAA" out loud. This song opens up with a very mellow vibe, which perfectly erodes quickly into an absolutely insane section. Brutal!

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