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Top 10 Techno Songs Of The Week Featuring George Fitzgerald, Moderat, Joseph Capriati & More - New Electronic Music


By: Kirk Williams

Top 10 Techno Songs Of The Week Featuring George Fitzgerald, Moderat, Joseph Capriati & More - New Electronic Music

Hey everyone, I'm Kirk Williams and I'll be bringing you the best and the brightest, the darkest and the deepest, simply only the finest techno week to week. I've got a voracious appetite for music and I'm perpetually pursuing new talent that defies convention, pushes boundaries, and maybe hurts some feelings along the way. My ear is to the ground listening for what's hitting the dance floor. My promise to you- I'll bring only the best of what has got the crowd moving.

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My background is in visual media, working on video and art installations and independent new media productions. I do a bit of writing as well, so be on the look out for some of my articles on interesting happenings in the San Francisco music scene EDM Culture.

1. "I Can Tell (By the Way You Move)" George Fitzgerald
This tune has been making the world a better place since September, via Double Six Records, and it hits so much harder in person. Don't miss George on his U.S. tour this month.

2. "Thoughts" Harvard Bass
The creepy vocals on this jam mesh perfectly with the evolving beat and it all leads to a triumph in techno from Harvard Bass' debut album, Stay True.

3. "ANIMAL 004" Alchemyst =
Dark dance floors lead to great times, even if they are a little scary, Alchemyst techno is dark in the best way possible. Check out these snippets from the Lucy EP by Alchemyst, and snag the EP when it releases on December 16.

4. "Bad Kingdom (Marcel Bettman Remix)" Moderat
Marcel Bettman's remix of Bad Kingdom subtly maintains the big emotions from the original, and successfully moves the focus to that aggressive beat.

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5. "Fieber" HenkinsHain
A fresh tune from Berlin that sounds beautifully different.

6. "Rolling Blackouts" Bakongo
With a tribal bass that booms and an eerie stuttering synth, you'll dig the latest from Bakongo, label head of Roska Kicks & Snares.

7. "Sacrifice" Alex Bizarro
Deep tech house monster sums it up. Oh, beware, it’s difficult not to fall in love with that sexy smooth vocal.

8. "Rumbo" Dosem
The latest from the Spanish techno master Dosem, blending traditional sounds with his futuristic style, this song hits hard and only gets hotter.

9. "I'm Losing You" Gaetano Parisio
Here's something new from a techno pioneer. It builds and builds, and you'll miss it when it's gone.

10. "Self Portrait" Joseph Capriati
Joseph Capriati's experimentation is refreshing. His Self Portrait album has some unexpected industrial elements that even Trent Reznor might approve of- Maybe...

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