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Top 10 Techno Tracks Of The Week - New Electronic Music


By: Kirk Williams

2013 is coming to a close, and the top players are not letting up until the ball drops… And then of course they’ll immediately get after it all over again in 2014. This week I’ve checked in on some of my favorite labels to see how strong they are finishing out this great year in music.

Top 10 Techno Tracks Of The Week - New Electronic Music

1. ”Mordedura” Little Mike, Bromance
Blending techno with a touch of trap, Little Mike’s innovative beat is all about power. His creative use of a hammering echo to tie it all together is simply excellent. Another Bromance triumph.

2. “Panoramic” Cosmin TRG, Running Back
Panoramic is a jam that grooves with a liquid rhythm, inspiring images of a wave undulating beat by beat to crash ashore on an Ibizan dance floor.

3. “Bring It On” Bixel Boys, Nurvous Records
The Bixel Boys of Los Angeles are back with a solid EP to close out 2013. These guys decided to make some magic out of marching band samples on the EP opener, and you might think that’s crazy, and I assure you, it’s insanely fun!

4. ”Abscondence” Recondite, Ghostly
This November release is a perfect translation of snow into techno. Emotionally resonant and ideal for a winter landscape, this song is just one of many on a strong album, Hinterland.

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5. “Back Ally” Creepy Autograph, Ultramajic
A tune that is all about the build. This thing knows no direction other than right through the roof.

6. “Droid Decay” Harvey McKay & Carlo Lio, Bedrock
With a throbbing groove, this song will destroy any party willing to dance and move.

7. “Sky” Audion, Ghostly
Audion, aka Matthew Dear, unleashes a piece that’s overflowing with positivity on this track from his career-spanning retrospective Audion X.

8. ”Good As Gold (Morgan Geist Monophonic Mix)” Tiga, Different
Stumbled onto this tune via Hot Natured’s latest mix for Mixmag, and it’s certainly lost no shine since its 2006 release on Different Records.

9. ”Shake It” Nick Olivetti, Dirtybird
The Dirtybird Players get the dancefloor moving, and this fresh banger will ruffle your feathers and make you flap your wings all over the damn place. So press play and lezgo!

10. “Jack” Joop Junior, SCI + TEC
Joop Junior uses techno to take you on a journey, and in a year where it seems like everybody was making a song about jacking, this one stands out as a great moody piece that jacks you up and keeps you there.

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