Top 10 New Trance Music 2014 Vol.02

Top 10 Trance Tracks Of The Week Featuring AVB, Andain, Markus Schulz & More - New Electronic Music

Happy Friday Trance Family! This week, I took a different approach to this chart. Instead of simply covering the most popular tracks of the week, I decided to cover the spectrum of trance as a whole- and respectfully cover the subgenres that can sometimes be overlooked. Of course, there are some heavy hitters on this weeks list- Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, and Andrew Rayel are a few producers preparing for soon-to-be anthem worthy releases.

Take a look at this week's top 10, and allow yourself to open your mind to the future sounds of Trance.

"Prototype" - Artificial - Anjunabeats

Anjunabeats trio, Artificial may be a relatively new name to EDM Culture- but their DJ/Producer components are far from unknown. Andrew Bayer alongside duo Norin & Rad (Nick Sember and Bruce Karlsson) are embarking on a dark, acid trance infused side project. Their debut release, Prototype is filled with elements of progressive trance, sweet melodies, and acidy groove beats. We're looking forward to the upcoming releases!

"Dark Warrior" - Andrew Rayel - Armind Music

The newest pioneer of Trance, Andrew Rayel has not stopped impressing us since his debut with Armin van Buuren. Single after single, banger after banger- we continually fall in love with his productions. In his newest release, Dark Warrior- Rayel has successfully married mayhem with beauty and thrown it in our faces, without a choice... And we're not complaining.

"Proud" - Kerry Leva - Juventa Remix - Enhanced

Next up, we have a triple threat... Say hello to Kerry Leva. Leva is a Boston native DJ, Producer and Vocalist- and a damn good one at that. Her debut track on Enhanced Recordings was on Ad Browns unforgettable track 'Memorial.' Leva has a gift of combining progressive house, breaks, and trance together in a single, complex & beautiful track- Proud is no exception.

"Volcano" - Eminence & Johann Stone - Wake Your Mind Recordings

Eminence, the Canadian power-duo has been making waves in EDM Culture since their inception in 2010. Their progressive hits such as Falling Stars, and Ocean City have landed them on international dance charts. Now, their skillful progressive house talents combined with Iceland native Johann Stone's powerful Trance production have come together for an explosive track...

"Cry Wolf" - Cold Rush & Tiff Lacey - Black Sunset Music

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Gaining early support from both Giuseppe Ottaviani and Dennis Sheperd, Cry Wolf is undoubtedly one of the most stunning productions on the charts this year. Cold Rush's main-room trance composition of the track, combined with the world renowned vocals of Tiff Lacey are the perfect marriage- creating a truly & undeniably beautiful, vocal trance track.

"Signal Path" - Ad Brown & Noel Sanger - Vous Records

Vous Records chose to end 2013 on a serious high note with two of the industry's most highly sought after producers- Ad Brown & Noel Sanger. Brown is most well-known for releasing #1 hit after #1 hit on the dance music charts, and Sanger as Markus Schulz Co-Producer... Well, you already know how well these two work together. This song is fireworks to the ears, what better way to end 2013 with?

"You Once Told Me" - Andain - Faruk Sabanci's Dirty Rock Mix - Black Hole Recordings

When Andain released You Once Told Me in 2011, the single went to #1 slot and received immediate recognition from top-players in the industry. The single released in 2012 was nothing short of perfection... Or so we thought. This week, euphoric trance & main-room trance DJ/producer Faruk Sabanci has outdone the impossible-- he took the track, flipped it upside down, and transformed it into a gut-wrenchingly deep hard trance anthem. Don't take my word for it, explore the track below- I promise it will be on repeat.

"Solarcoaster" - Solarstone - Markus Schulz Remix - Coldharbour Recordings

With over a decade of production, touring, and impressive residency resume - Richard Mowatt AKA Solarstone is nothing short of genius. The elite pillars of trance continually support Mr. Mowatt in his musical endeavors, and global recognition is far from shorthanded. Markus Schulz, along with Protoculture revamped Solarstone's original track - both were featured on the ASOT weekly radio show. While Protoculture took a deeper, mystical approach to the track- Markus Schulz remains true to his ultra-melodic, high energy sound.

"Gave Me" - Giuseppe Ottaviani & Seri - Ronski Speed Remix - Black Hole Recordings

Giuseppe Ottaviani, unparalleled production. Seri, hypnotizing vocalist. Ronski Speed, Genius. All three of these element artists on one track is hardly believable, yet all too real. Gave Me is not a new release to the industry- yet Ronski Speed's remix makes you feel as if a new banger just hit the charts.

"Save My Night" - Armin van Buuren - Armada Music

The man of trance himself- Armin van Buuren has been toying with our emotions over the last few months, teasing us with bits and pieces of this track on ASOT, and various mixes. AVBís original production of Save my Night doesn't officially release until January 6, 2014- so until then, I leave you with yet another sneak peak of the highly anticipated track.

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