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Top 10 New Trance Music 2014 Vol.01

Top 10 Trance Tracks Of The Week - Sean Tyas, Airscape, Above & Beyond & More - EDM News

I have always been a loyal follower of Trance genres. I feel like it is the kind of music that encompasses full-bodied lyrics, ambient sounds, and raw emotion into an intimate story that speaks to the heart. With every building riff of a beautifully composed Trance track comes the emotional climax, and with the drop- the release.

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This week's Top 10 Trance releases embrace such a feeling of euphoria, take a listen and let your mind wander into a world of delightful entrancement.

Here they are:

KLAUSS GOULART "Absolute Chaos" - Coldharbour Recordings

Klauss Goulart is leading the way in Brazil's trance culture, paving the way with his newest single Absolute Chaos released on Coldharbour recordings December 9th. His combination of ambient sounds and melodies will pull your mind into a natural direction of solitude.

SEAN TYAS "Lose My Logic" (Melodic Mix) - Black Hole Recordings

Heavyweight Trance DJ, Sean Tyas has been ramping up recognition in progressive trance this year with a multitude of hit singles. The second to last release this year Lose My Logic has been featured on Armin van Buurn's ASOT Podcast, and has received global praise from many international DJ's.

DJ EKVATOR "The Imagination" - Kasa Records

This 18 year old musician from Ukraine brings a powerful track to the charts this week with his release The Imagination on Kasa Records. Keep an eye on this one, he is going to keep bringing the raw, harder styles of Trance to EDM Culture in the near future.

SUSANA, RAM "Ramelia" (Tribute to Amelia) - Future Sound of Egypt

Russian DJ, RAM and singer songwriter Susana have finally released what has been mentioned as "The Most Emotional Track of the Year" on Future Sound of Egypt. Susana and RAM wrote the track in remembrance of his wife, Amelia- who passed before her time. Ramelia is one of the few tangible tracks in existence. You can feel the love, the sadness and the hope protruding through Susana's angelic vocals, and Ram's ability to captivate his loss through music.

KELLY ANDREW "Beyond The Stars" - Abora Recordings

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Kelly Andrew's seventeen year resume as a trance producer/DJ is one of those things that just keeps getting better. Beyond The Stars, released on Abora Recordings is a heartfelt track, with deep melodies and sincere transitions, recognized by international Trance DJ's throughout EDM Culture.

TOM COLONTONIO, AMBER NOEL "See The Light" - In Trance We Trust

Tom Colontonio stepped away from his traditional American progressive house platform in a collaboration with vocalist Amber Noel to produce one of the most mesmerizing trance tracks of the year. See The Light captivates listeners through the art of Noel's lyricism and Colontonio's ambient production.

ABOVE & BEYOND "Mariana Trench" - Anjunabeats

Off their A&B Group Therapy Tour, legendary Trance duo Above & Beyond have released 3 brand new tracks- Mariana Trench being one. Out now on Anjunabeats, you can expect A&B's magical production skills, defying trance standards with every beat.

4 STRINGS "This Heart Is Yours" - Liquid Recordings

Released on December 9th, EDM legend 4Strings has released yet another mind blowing track- filled with emotional chord progressions and one of a kind production quality. This Heart is Yours is a diverse track, suitable for any fan of EDM, inside and out of the Trance spectrum.

SOUND QUELLE "Nulla" - Enhanced Progressive

Russian musician Valery Lebedev has released another harmonious track as Sound Quelle, a side trance project. Nulla, released on Enhanced Progressive last week focuses on melodic riffs, harmonies, and aggressive basslines to enlighten listeners with a full spectrum track.

AIRSCAPE & RADBOUD "Promise" - Black Hole Recordings

Johan Gielen, AKA Airscape has delivered a beautiful track to the trance charts this week with Promise on Black Hole Recordings. Sine the mid-90's, Gielen has been delivering track after track, each with their own unique story. Promise is no different, giving fan's everywhere a solid, beautiful trance track.

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